Student playing pool in Furness

Furness Sport

Hardly Olympic but it's the taking-part that counts!

Furness has a great range of sporting activities such as football, netball, table-tennis, darts, pool and dominoes. Our intercollege sporting competition 'Patriots' is a three day event held towards the end of the Lent term and celebrates the friendly rivalry between Furness and Cartmel. Everyone is welcome to get involved and take part.

Sport is a brilliant part of college life in Furness, and anything we might occasionally lack on the pitch/court/table/board we more than make up with our spirit. The banter is good and being part of any team is a great way to meet people. Be sure to keep checking the Furness social media for details about taster sessions, trials and how to sign up for events! The Furness Facebook page and the Furness Sport Facebook page are good places to get your information.

There are many ways you can join in with some form of game. Here's a taster of what we offer...


As you'd expect with any good community, there is a strong football presence in Furness. We field an A, B and C team in the inter-college league and the colleges cup. Trials are held at the start of the academic year and we have set training twice a week.

Whether you’ve played football all your life or just want to keep fit and make friends for life, Furness Football is for you!

Furness football team shot


Furness Netball is home to an A, B and C team that play in an inter-college league in Michaelmas and Lent terms, as well as in a cup competition that runs through the year (meaning there are matches every week). We also have two recreation teams: Mighty Mountains and Trev’s Army which play in their own recreational league throughout the year. We train twice a week and all are welcome, whether you’re a netball pro or a complete amateur: there’s a team for everyone!

Furness netball team, indoors

Bar Sports

We have both Men’s+ and Women’s+ Pool and Darts teams, as well as mixed dominoes team (yes, dominoes is a real sport). So if you don't fancy running about outside with the footballers and netballers in all weather, and your co-ordination is better when you have time to consider and think about it, Furness Bar Sports is the place to be. As one of the most welcoming communities on campus, bar sports really is for anyone, regardless of past experience. We have two dart boards and two pool tables in our beloved Trevor Bar which anyone can use.

Furness darts

Table Tennis

Our Table Tennis team has built up quite the reputation over the past two years as the team to beat! They hold regular training sessions and compete once a week against all other colleges. Trials are held during freshers week but practice is open to everyone, all year round.

Table tennis players

Patriots Cup

Patriots is the ultimate competition of sporting excellence, team spirit and college banter between Furness and Cartmel, when either we win or they cheat.

The events take place over a weekend during the Lent term and include nearly every sport imaginable; from rugby to rounders, dodgeball to darts, football to frisbee – and of course the highly anticipated presidential pool match. Every sport is played to determine which is truly the best sporting college. After the friendly(ish) competition ends, the celebrations run well into the evening.

Furness has won Patriots for the past three consecutive years in 2022, 2023 and 2024. Patriots will be taking place at the end of week 18, 6-8th March 2025.

Patriots is one of the most exciting events of the year, so whether you're playing or supporting, come and join us.

Rugby match

Memorial Day Sporting Events

Each year, we hold a memorial games and tournaments day to remember former Furness Students who have sadly passed away. These include the Nick Lewis Memorial Trophy match between current Furness footballers and an alumni team, as well as the Richard Slatter Pool Tournament.

Nick Lewis Memorial Trophy

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