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Welcome to Furness!

Arrivals at Lancaster is a great way to orientate yourself and settle in to student life before your studies begin, and in Furness we aim to facilitate a smooth arrival for you and get you acquainted with the college.

Coronavirus (Covid-19): We know how important the welcome period is to our new students. It’s a chance to meet new people, learn about Lancaster and become part of our community. We’re currently working on the schedule 2020, and making sure we have plans in place to support you and keep you safe. As an integral part of the University, the college is following the latest UK government health advice on managing coronavirus. Please see the Lancaster University Our Promise webpages for more information.

This year we are planning for an extended arrivals period to ensure that your move onto campus is safe and well-organised. Over our main arrivals days of 23 and 24 September, our College Reps will be placed in and around college spaces to direct you to your key collection point and to your accommodation, where you can settle in and get to know your housemates. Our College staff will be available should you have any questions or queries.

The University will run a series of events to ease you in to academic life so it's up to the colleges to focus on creating a home for you and making you feel like part of the Furness family. To help your transition, our Junior Common Room (JCR) are working on a range of virtual events to help introduce you to college life, and once you are all settled in, we will formally welcome you through our virtual College Community events.

Here you will find our Welcome to Furness videos from our Principal, JCR President, Welfare and Deanery Team, along with a welcome to all our off-campus and commuter students.

For more information see the University’s Welcome Week website and please make sure you watch all the Introduction to University Welcome Talks. You can also browse the Welcome Week schedule via the iLancaster app.

Welcome from our Principal

Fellow Furnessians,

On behalf of my colleagues and my own I would like to warmly welcome you to the College. Congratulations on your choice both of Lancaster and of Furness College. You will soon see that you could not have made a better choice. 

You will build new friendships here at Lancaster, join the networks that will very likely last you a lifetime, you will develop your careers; expand your skills and knowledge, build up the confidence that will take you further in life. You will also see for yourselves why so many Lancaster graduates have a stronger affiliation with their colleges than with their departments.

College life is not run by the accommodation service, we are run by yourselves with support from very minimal administrative staff and from dedicated, often volunteer team of University colleagues.  This is what the Colleges are, and this is how they differ from halls of residence. There are only five collegiate universities in the UK: Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, York and Lancaster, and only one of them – Lancaster – is a campus university, placed outside the town. This allows us to do more for you, make feel more at home which is striving to be your own.

So, what is our role? In brief: College staff and its senior members are here to make this place your home-from-home, where you should feel secure, happy and looked after; we will be working to help you find yourselves in this new situation. We will help you to build your confidence and initiative, support you in becoming active, creative, productive and whatever else you want to be.  

While all the Lancaster Colleges share the same principles and values, Furness is the smallest of the eight. And what comes with that is the family feel, the home-from-home, the familiarity that stays with you. We also lead many of social and support initiatives, such as the year-long First Year College Reps who look after the First Years in small groups, somewhat like the Cambridge and Oxford student families, but more closely linked with the Furness College Advisory Team, also known as FurCAT, a professional group supporting you in any way you need – your welfare and health area priority.

The spirit of Furness College is about the true close community which we built here over the years and which is very close to my own ideals of social cohesion and cooperation. It is not about being heroes or about winning prizes (which we do!), it is much more about working together as a community. It is the combination of small things and the bigger, more visible achievements that makes us what we are. It is also the warm welcoming of new Furnessians in September, it is looking after each other in the first year and beyond, it is also about enjoying life, music and everything else you enjoy (as long as it safe, legal and does not hurt anyone) – this is the Furness I know and which I am proud to be a part of.

Welcome to Furness!

Dr Wlodek Tych

Furness Principal

Furness Principal, Dr Wlodek Tych

Everywhere else is nowhere!

There's no better place to be than our welcoming community, and there are plenty of friendly faces ready to make you feel part of our Furness family. There's something for everyone here - from our Trev Quiz to our variety of sports teams - and despite being the smallest college, we make sure we are loud and proud at Lancaster! We can't wait to meet all our new members and show you that ‘Everywhere Else is Nowhere’.

George Johnson, JCR President 2020.

Aside from any departmental inductions there will be a number of events taking place through Welcome Week that you are expected to attend; mostly online. These include Fire Safety and Welfare and Deanery talks. You will be able to find them all in your Welcome Week Schedule, so please look out for the Furness events and go along to them.

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