Staff members

Lancaster is one of only a handful of universities to operate within a collegiate structure that breaks down the population in to smaller communities. All of the students join a college and as a member of staff, you will be afforded the same privilege.

There are eight undergraduate colleges and one postgraduate college at Lancaster and the choice is yours. If you don't know which to choose before you start here you will be assigned to one, but you can always change your affiliation later if you find one that you'd like to be part of.

A welcome from the Principal

As the Principal of Furness I hope to be able to welcome you to a social event or a Syndicate meeting soon. Our role as a college is to provide a collaborative community for students and as many staff members as wish to get involved, either socially or more formally. There are a number of voluntary support roles in the college as well as some more senior positions that come up now and again. Please do take a look, keep checking back and get involved!

Dr Wlodek Tych, Principal

How can I get involved?

There's a variety of ways you can join in. If you are interested in finding out more about staff events within the College or are interested in volunteering, do get in touch with the College Manager Jo.

Come to a Syndicate meeting

All senior members automatically become members of the College Syndicate, which usually meets once per term at lunchtime. This happens before the meeting of the University Senate and will discuss the Senate agenda and any matters relating to the College. Syndicate provides a useful forum in which senior members can discuss University matters and raise particular items of interest, and a light lunch is provided to attendees. It is normally attended by the College Officers, the JCR Executive and a few members of staff that don't hold a formal role. We're always welcoming to new faces!

Come to a social event

We arrange a number of social events for senior members each term, as well joining in with collaborative '9 College' events. You can come on your own or with somebody else - they don't have to work here or even be a member of Furness! We generally host wine tastings, a four-day Gin Festival each February, and occasionally events such as a fish & chip narrowboat cruise along the Lancaster Canal of a summer's evening, Shakespeare at the Castle or lunchtime talks from people with something of interest to talk about. These events enable staff from a variety of departments to meet each other informally, and we hope to welcome you on as many of them as takes your fancy!

Join our Inter-College Staff Quiz Team

The Inter-College quiz runs once a week through the Michaelmas Term. This is highly popular (and competitive!) pub-style quiz takes place on a Wednesday lunchtime in each of the college bars and is guaranteed to bring out Furness College pride ...

Join in on Graduation Day

Graduation Day is one of the key events of the year as we see our students off in style. The University encourages staff members to sit on the stage for their college's ceremony and will send out details about hiring robes (at no cost to yourself of course) in advance. Furness College extends an invitation to all those sitting on the stage to join us in the college for the graduation lunch as our guest.

Give us a talk or start a group

If you have something interesting to talk about and want to give a presentation we can facilitate a lunchtime talk in our TV room. In the past we've had talks on managing the Lake District, exploring the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the history of the University and the Lancaster County Mental Hospital. All very varied! If you'd like to set up a group such as a book club or lunchtime walking group we can help facilitate that.

Take up a college role

Aside from the informal opportunities we occasionally recruit for more formal roles within the college team, for those that want to take on something else besides their main employment within the University. The Principal, Dean, Senior and Deputy Advisor are all honorary roles, as are the College Advisor Team.