PhD Supervisors - Law and Criminology

Private International Law (Conflict of Laws), International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

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I welcome PhD proposals in the field of Law and Religion (within the context of the English Legal System)

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Law of contracts; history of contract law; legal history in general.

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Dr Barlow welcomes applications in the field of gender and crime. She is particularly interested in supervising projects in the following areas: violence against women and girls, policing domestic abuse and/or sexual violence, female offending/ co-offending, media representations of gender and crime,

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Willing to supervise PhD students in the areas of: money laundering and anti-money laundering; organised crime and illicit markets; white-collar, corporate and financial crime.

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Intellectual property law, cultural heritage law, technology policy

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Dr Bryan would be happy to supervise postgraduate students in most areas within the broad field of Criminal Justice Studies (including, the Laws of Evidence and Proof; Criminal Law, the Administration of Criminal Justice; International Criminal Law, International Criminal Justice; Comparative Criminal Law; Comparative Criminal Justice). Dr Bryan also welcomes research proposals focusing on Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Legal History, Legal Theory, Legal Regulation and Social Control.

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Professor Campbell is happy to consider proposals in the area of the law of contract, the application of economic and social theories to law and the theory and practice of regulation.

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Dr Chatterjee welcome potential doctoral students in the following areas

Socio-Legal studies, in particular:

Gender, Sexuality and Law

Film/Media and the Law

Technology and Law

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Property and land law; gender and the law; feminist legal theory/history; equality theory and practice; discourse analysis; socio-legal studies.

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Legal design; constitutional law; administrative law

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Dr Easton is willing to supervise PhDs in the general areas of internet law and intellectual property. Relevant topics include: Internet governance, website accessibility, domain name regulation, Internet service provider liability and online copyright infringements.

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Georgina Firth welcomes doctoral applications in the fields of:

Criminal law - particularly feminist perspectives, penology and sexual offences

Immigration law - particularly feminist perspectives, issues relating to children and asylum issues

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Dr Fitzpatrick welcomes expressions of interest on PhD projects relating to: looked after children and/or care-leavers in the criminal justice system; desistance and resilience; the links between youth justice and child welfare; young offenders.

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Dr Follis welcomes potential doctoral students in the areas of: legal sociology, transnational crime, human rights, prisons, cybercrime and capital punishment.

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1. Health care law and ethics generally. I have a particular interest in clinical research involving human and non-human animals, developing biotechnologies (such as xenotransplantation), reproduction and reproductive technologies, organ donation and transplantation, consent and capacity, decision making for the 'vulnerable', and issues relating to capacity, consent, risk and regulation. 2. Family law - especially issues around parents, parenthood and reproductive technologies, children and childhood - particularly children and health.

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Professor Gillespie is happy to consider PhD proposals in the areas of Criminal Law; Sexual Offences; Cybercrime; Covert Policing; Criminal Justice (including Evidence).

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Any aspect of financial crime or regulation. Cerian is particularly keen to supervise legal history and crime history theses.

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I welcome research proposals in the fields of healthcare regulation, healthcare system organisation, EU health law and policy, and comparative law.

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Dr Humphreys is happy to consider PhD proposals in the areas of criminal careers, criminal sentencing, criminal deception, research methods and other areas associated with research interests.

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I am very interested to hear from potential applicants for PhD projects on any aspects of 'hate crime' and 'hate speech'. I am happy to talk through informally ideas for projects and support applicants through the application process at Lancaster University.

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Neil Kibble would be happy to receive applications from potential Doctoral students in the areas of: criminal evidence (especially in sex offence cases,evidence proof and facts, and evidence of bad character; criminal law (especially rape and other sex offences); comparative criminal law & procedure; judges, juries & lay participation in criminal trials; judicial independence & accountability; affirmative action.

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Esin welcomes PhD proposals in the areas of European constitutional law and theory as well as EU justice and home affairs.

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Amy would be willing to supervise students in the following areas: Environmental Law, Tax Law, Regulation.

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Philip Lawton has experience of supervising over a score of successful Phd candidates and welcomes for consideration MPhil/Phd proposals on corporate law, corporate governance and also trusts law including legal transplantation and law in a post colonial context in these areas. He particularly enjoys comparative studies but in addition to theoretical emphasis he is also prepared to consider a wide range of socio-legal and/or empirical approaches.

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Competition Law, EU Law, and Regulation

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Dr Mayfield is happy to supervise research degrees in land law, property law and in broader socio-legal or historical areas.

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Terrorism and counterterrorism law, security law, international law and human rights law.

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Professor Milman is happy to consider PhD proposals in the fields of Company Law, Partnership Law, Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law, Insolvency Law, European Commercial Law, International Business Law, Education Law, Fiscal Law, Legal History, the interface between Islamic law and western commercial law

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John is keen to receive applications from those interested in doctrinal and/or theoretical aspects of common law.

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Professor Ost is happy to supervise research degrees on medical law and bioethics, legal and social issues surrounding child pornography/sexual grooming and child sexual exploitation and other areas related to her research interests.

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Dr Potter is interested in supervising PhD students looking at aspects of drug use, drug distribution (trafficking, dealing, social supply, drug production, cannabis cultivation) or links between drugs and crime.
He is also interested in supervising PhD students conducting work within the field of green criminology (illegal wildlife trade, environmental harm as crime, environmental harm as a cause of crime, environmental protest). Dr Potter is currently actively seeking students to conduct research into any aspect of the illegal wildlife trade in co-supervision with Dr Jacob Phelps in the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC).

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Professor Skogly welcomes applications in the broad fields of Public international law; International Human Rights Law; Economic, social and cultural rights; International human rights obligations; Extraterritorial human rights obligations; International institutional law

Current or recent topics covered in PhD supervision: The Right to Water as a Human Right. The Implementability of the Right to Water. Foreign Direct Investment and Human Rights WTO. Human Rights and the Right to Health in Thailand. The Right to Participation in Human Rights. Indigenous Peoples and International Law. Language rights of immigrant minorities. International law, internal conflict and the duty to protect.The right to development and poverty. Trafficing in women in international law and the United Arab Emirates. Economic variables and the right to social security. Rights of Women in Pakistan. Discrimination in the right to education - experience from a European setting

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Dr Summers is happy to supervise projects in any field of international law, but particularly areas in the field of peoples' rights, the use of force and international institutional law.

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Prof. Sweeney is available to supervise research in the fields of international and European human rights law; international refugee law; and transitional justice. Prof. Sweeney also has an interest in some aspects of the law of armed conflict (IHL) and international criminal law. Please enquire for further details.

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Professor Vadi is happy to consider proposals in the area of international economic law, international legal history and theory, as well as international cultural law.

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Criminal law; gendered violence; homicide; sexual offences; gender and the law

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Public and administrative law - especially mental health law, constitutional theory, and administrative justice Systems theory and law - especially complexity theory and autopoiesis

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Professor Wheatley is happy to hear from potential PhD students with proposals in the field of international law, with a particular interest in democracy, human rights and the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples.

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Dr Xu is happy to supervise research in property law (broadly defined), especially those from a comparative perspective.

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