New Low Temperature Techniques for Electron Thermometry and Thermal Isolation

Friday 27 November 2020, 3:00pm to 4:00pm


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Condensed Matter seminar

Measuring electron temperature is an important method to understand the stability and coherence of a quantum circuit, since this variable describes how `quiet' the electronic environment is. Here we present the calibration and operation of a non-invasive quantum dot electron thermometer in two different cryostats. Compared to previous implementations of a quantum dot thermometer, the work presented here is unique in that it only requires a single gate connection to calibrate and operate, which simplifies the application of the device substantially, and allows non-invasive readout. The thermometer calibration process uses a physical model, which extracts information usually obtained from source-drain measurements. This device provides a new versatile, sensitive and effective tool for monitoring electron temperature in nano-electronic devices at cryogenic temperatures.

Also, we present several plastic solid-void structures were demonstrated to offer excellent thermal and structural properties at sub-Kelvin temperatures. Good low temperature insulators are extremely useful for support cryogenic components and sample environments without leaking unwanted heat. A structure fabricated from commercially available ABS LEGO elements was shown to be effective at thermally insulating two bodies at sub-Kelvin temperatures. Similar scale 3D printed ABS and PLA gyroid structures were shown to also be effective as low-temperature insulators. These samples demonstrate how low temperature insulation can be improved with readily available, fully customisable and affordable components.

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Josh Chawner

Lancaster University

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