The IsoLab at Lancaster University

The Art of Isolation

Explore quantum physics in one of the 'quietest' environments in the world.


Have you ever wondered if you can take a picture of a single atom? Or if it’s possible to create the coldest temperatures in the Universe…here on Earth? At the Art of Isolation exhibit, visitors can explore how some of the most sensitive experiments in the world are performed with hands-on activities and working demos exploring different aspects of quantum mechanics and nanotechnology. Come and join us to try these and other interactive exhibits and learn about one of the quietest places on Earth.

See us at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. This is held between 1 - 7 July at the Royal Society, Carlton House Terrace, London. Click for more details.

Hands On at our Stand

Test your ability to detect single atoms with our model atomic force microscope

See how vibrations affect a levitating model superconductor

See how we’re creating new technology with quantum mechanics

Meet the Team