Some of the women from the Physics Department

Inclusion in Physics

The Inclusion in Physics Group provides a platform to build an inclusive and supportive environment where everybody can feel welcome.

Our group strives to achieve this by organising events enabling us to get together and know each other better. It is open to everyone in the Physics Department: undergraduates, postgraduates, research staff and academics. We aim to support each other, such that everyone can express their full potentiality.

Our events, which happen through the academic year, are an invaluable opportunity for the whole Physics community to meet, network, and openly discuss. We welcome your participation in these events, as we greatly value new and fresh perspectives. We also aim to provide mentorship and role models for younger physicists.

Some of the themes that matter to us are career progression, mentorship, diversity and inclusion in Physics, unconscious bias and wellbeing. If there is any particular topic that you would like to address during our events, please bring your idea with you at our traditional kick-off meeting and share it with us, we are open to suggestions!

Past Events

Inclusion in Physics kick-off meeting

Drop in to meet students, researchers and staff - ask questions, share ideas!

  • Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 12-1pm
  • Physics Building, A07
  • Free refreshments will be available

Contact us

The Inclusion in Physics group is coordinated by Dr Sarah Badman and Dr Elisabetta Boella. You can also contact Mrs Louise Crook if you have enquiries about the group's activities.