A particle accelerator at the Cockroft Institute

The Cockroft Institute

We have expertise in accelerator science and technology spread across two academic departments - Physics and Engineering - and are a founding member of the Cockcroft Institute, a leading international centre of excellence in this field.

The Cockcroft Institute is a collaboration between academia, national laboratories, and industry. It brings together the best accelerator scientists, engineers, educators and industrialists to conceive, design, construct and use innovative instruments of discovery at all scales and lead the UK’s participation in flagship international experiments. It nourishes the curiosity of young minds through education of the next generation and engages with industrial partners to generate wealth for the community that sustains it.

Accelerators are a major tool for modern manufacturing, and a key technology for tackling the global challenges in healthcare, security, environment and energy. Each year, some €400bn of end products are produced, sterilized or examined using an industrial accelerator. The Cockcroft Institute works closely with industry to apply its knowledge, skills and facilities to industrial challenges, to ensure that the social and economic impacts from cutting-edge accelerator technologies are fully realised.