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Other Experiences

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Talks by our Academic Staff

Many of our academics offer a range of talks in our general research areas that are suitable for the general public and for school audiences.

Some example titles include:

  • Development of quantum dot computer memories
  • The amazing properties of graphene (a single-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms)
  • Exploring the Solar System with robots
  • Low-temperature research on quantum turbulence in superfluids
  • Paradoxes in relativity
  • The Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn

For more information on talks in schools, please contact the team (details below). 

AuroraWatch UK

Ever wanted to watch the Northern Lights over the UK but had never known when was the best time to look? AuroraWatch UK monitors geomagnetic activity, which is a sign that the aurora may be visible and offers free alerts to notify you whenever the aurora is likely to be seen from the UK?

AuroraWatch UK
The aurora borealis
Illustration of particle physics

Lancaster Particle Physics Package

The Lancaster Particle Physics Package (LPPP) aims to give students a feel for the basic physics and experimental techniques involved in Particle Physics research.

LPPP is designed for students aged 16 to 18 who are taking physics courses. It covers topics from the common core or optional topics in the English GCE AS/A2 system.

Animations in the LPPP simulate the real physics underlying the events being modelled. There is a gradual introduction to relativistic formulae and corresponding units for energy and mass.

By following the suggested experiments, calculations and short projects, you will learn how to find the mass and identity of particles that you have created, measure the mass and the lifetime of the neutral kaon, and maybe even discover the Higgs boson!

Lancaster Particle Physics Package

Visiting CERN

Experimental particle physics is a major part of the research in Lancaster University’s Physics Department where we are involved in the ATLAS experiment at CERN. We can offer support for any school visits to CERN. Before the school visit to CERN a member of the Experimental Particle Physics group working on the ATLAS experiment can come to the school and give a talk about the experiment.

Students at the CERN facility in Switzerland
A person writes on a whiteboard filled with mathematical formulae.

Continuous Professional Development for Teachers

The Lancaster Physics Department hosts regular workshops for physics teachers in our local region. These workshops provide a great opportunity to engage with the physics research being undertaken at Lancaster University, and to meet staff and students from the department. The ultimate goal of each workshop is to to capture connections between the A-Level syllabus and research-level physics, and to design new research-based A-Level teaching resources.

We have three upcoming workshops in the 2019/20 academic year:

For more information, please contact Phil Furneaux.

Our workshops provide a unique opportunity for teachers and researchers to work together to create homework questions that schools and colleges can use to support their A-Level courses. The questions are related to current research in the Lancaster Physics Department, and are designed to enhance the conceptual understanding of physics, as well as broadening knowledge of applications. The homework tasks are posted online, and can be self-marked by students, with feedback given at each stage of the exercises.

A selection of homework exercises about the sun's magnetic field can be viewed online.

Meet the Team

Andrew Blake

Dr Andrew Blake

Lecturer in Experimental Neutrino Physics

Experimental Particle Physics

+44 (0)1524 595060 B032, B - Floor, Physics Building