Insight into the Fusion industry in the North West

Conceptual illustration of the STEP fusion power plant © © UK Atomic Energy Authority
Conceptual illustration of the STEP fusion power plant

Lancaster University and Bay Fusion are hosting an event on fusion energy showing how businesses, academia and people in the North West can benefit from this rapidly expanding industry.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Andy Schofield will open the North West Fusion Supply Chain industry focussed event at the Health Innovation Campus on November 3 at 1.30pm, followed by a public talk at 6pm about fusion technology, the future of the industry and careers.

The UK Government's Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) “mega project” aims to be the world's first prototype fusion power plant, with an ambitious plan to build STEP by 2040.

Fusion is key to solving the energy crisis beyond 2050, as global demand for energy is expected to double. As private investment in fusion development around the world skyrockets, many fusion start-ups are being created as confidence grows, with many world leading companies in the UK. During the more technical afternoon event, attendees will hear from UKAEA, Tokamak Energy and Kyoto Fusioneering as well as researchers from Lancaster University, local SMEs and the regional nuclear industry.

The evening public event is supported by the IET/IMechE and includes more speakers from UKAEA, Tokamak Energy, Bay Fusion and Lancaster University. This broader talk will include a discussion on the science of fusion, the history of the UK’s world leading contribution (including at Lancaster University), the state of the global industry, and how the North West can play its role in the development and industrialisation of this exciting technology, including careers in fusion and associated sought after skills in robotics, AI, data science and hi-tech engineering.

Throughout the day Bay Fusion will also talk more about the creation of a fusion cluster in the region. It is predicted that for fusion to be implemented on a large scale, the global industry will require a diverse supply chain, including a significant base of SMEs to provide niche and emerging technology expertise. Bay Fusion wants to help ensure some of this expertise comes from the North West, the birthplace of the commercial nuclear power generation industry.

For the evening event, refreshments will be available from 6pm in the Health Innovation Campus Foyer. Talks start at 6.30pm.

Both events are open to all, and anyone with a technical interest in this technology is welcome to join the afternoon industry event at 1.30pm.

There are separate tickets on Eventbrite for the afternoon and evening sessions. Both are listed at

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