Lancaster PhD student wins poster prize at the Materials Research Society (MRS) 2018 Spring meeting

24 April 2018 09:48
Marta San Juan Mucientes stood next to her prize winning poster

The MRS meeting is a major international forum providing a window on the future of materials science, attended by over 3000 people. Marta is one of 15 winners, all from top universities such as UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech. Lancaster is one of only two UK Universities to achieve this honour.

Marta’s research focuses on the development of novel quantum electromechanical systems (QEMS) using two-dimensional materials, such as graphene and hexagonal boron nitride. These are studied using a combination of optical and scanning probe microscopy techniques. She aspires to create new QEMS devices with superior sensitivity, which may provide a basis for quantum information storage.

She is also working on developing new two-dimensional materials for optoelectronics, in collaboration with University Wisconsin-Madison, USA. This project has won her yet another prize, sponsored by the leader in surface analysis and microscopy SPECS GMBH.

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