Professor pioneers the future of topological physics

29 November 2018 15:56
Henning Schomerus

The work of a Lancaster Physics professor has been recognised as one of 2018’s research highlights by The Optical Society (OSA) for pioneering a study on microlasers.

Professor Henning Schomerus proposed the theoretical concept of topological microlasers and collaborated in extensive experimental research with the aim of finding out more about active topological photonic systems.

Recent research has introduced a new era of condensed matter physics and provides a robust framework for strategically controlling wave confinement and propagation dynamics, which supplemented his work.

From these recent discoveries, Professor Schomerus was able to demonstrate how light can be confined robustly in silicon lasers without the use of mirrors, allowing his impactful work to be selected as a research feature in the OSA’s Year of Optics.

Professor Henning Schomerus, writing about his research in The Advent of Topological Microlasers, said: “The experimental research results demonstrate the versatility of topological lasers.

“It opens doors to new research into the integration of topological lasers in silicon-based photonic chips.”

The pioneering investigation has also complemented a remarkable breakthrough in two dimensional geometries, where one-dimensional propagation of the lasing mode reveals genuinely novel assets.

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