Dr David Sloan

Senior Lecturer

Selected Publications

Scalar Fields and the FLRW Singularity
Sloan, D. 31/10/2019 In: Classical and Quantum Gravity. 36, 23, 18 p.
Journal article

Solving the cosmological entropy issue with a Higgs dilaton
Sloan, D., Ellis, G.F. 15/03/2019 In: Physical Review D. 99, 6, 12 p.
Journal article

Dynamical similarity
Sloan, D.J.A. 28/06/2018 In: Physical Review D. 97, 12 p.
Journal article

Through the big bang: Continuing Einstein's equations beyond a cosmological singularity
Koslowski, T., Mercati, F., Sloan, D. 10/03/2018 In: Physics Letters B. 778, p. 339-343. 5 p.
Journal article

  • Theoretical Particle Cosmology