Professor Edward McCann

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Research Overview

Condensed matter theory

Electronic properties of nanostructures


Click here for an introductory talk about graphene, given to the general public in Lancaster City centre.

Click here for an introductory talk about graphene, given to the local branch of the Institute of Physics.

My research lies in the area of theoretical condensed matter physics. I'm particularly interested in the electronic properties of nanostructures, graphene and other two-dimensional materials. In small structures at low temperature, the quantum mechanics of electrons can be very important: they display wave-like properties including interference effects. This topic - the behaviour of electrons in phase coherent structures - is called mesoscopic physics. In the 1980s and 1990s, mesoscopic physics was studied in metals and semiconductors, but, recently, novel mesoscopic phenomena have been discovered in new materials including carbon nanotubes and graphene. The focus of my present research is to understand how electrons behave in graphene and related materials, including bilayer graphene and graphene multilayers, as well as other two-dimensional materials.

  • Condensed Matter Theory
  • North West Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre
  • Quantum Technology Centre