Professor Peter McClintock

Research Professor, Emeritus Professor


Biographical Sketch:

  • Born: Omagh, co. Tyrone, 17 October 1940
  • Educated: Queen's University, Belfast (BSc 1962), University of Oxford (DPhil 1966)
  • Employment: Junior Demonstrator, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford 1963-1966; Research Associate, Duke University, 1966 - 1968; Research Associate 1968, Lecturer 1970, Senior Lecturer 1979, Reader 1983, Professor 1991, all a Lancaster University
  • Miscellaneous: DSc, Queen's University, Belfast 1983; FInstP 1983; SERC/EPSRC Senior Fellowship 1990 - 1995; Chair, Standing Conference of Professors of Physics (UK and Ireland) 2003 - 2005.
  • Head of Department of Physics, Lancaster University 1997 - 2003.

Selected Publications

Diffusion Phenomena in a Mixed Phase Space
Palmero, M., Diaz, G.I., McClintock, P.V.E., Leonel, E. 7/01/2020 In: Chaos. 30
Journal article

Race-specific differences in the phase coherence between blood flow and oxygenation: A simultaneous NIRS, white light spectroscopy and LDF study
Abdulhameed , Y.A., McClintock, P.V.E., Stefanovska, A. 1/04/2020 In: Journal of Biophotonics. 13, 4, 15 p.
Journal article

Mechanism of the Resonant Enhancement of Electron Drift in Nanometre Semiconductor Superlattices Subjected to Electric and Inclined Magnetic Fields
Soskin, S.M., Khovanov, I.A., McClintock, P.V.E. 15/12/2019 In: Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 100, 23, 25 p.
Journal article

Exploring the pore charge dependence of K+ and Cl- permeation across a graphene monolayer: a Molecular Dynamics study
Guardiani, C., Gibby, W.A.T., Barabash, M.L., Luchinsky, D.G., McClintock, P.V.E. 1/07/2019 In: RSC Advances. 9, 35, p. 20402-20414. 13 p.
Journal article

Vibrational resonance in an oscillator with an asymmetrical deformable potential
Vincent, U.E., Roy-Layinde, T.O., Popoola, O.O., Adesina, P.O., McClintock, P.V.E. 5/12/2018 In: Physical Review E. 98, 6, 11 p.
Journal article

Coupling functions: universal insights into dynamical interaction mechanisms
Stankovski, T., Pereira, T., McClintock, P.V.E., Stefanovska, A. 6/11/2017 In: Reviews of Modern Physics. 89, 4, 50 p.
Journal article

Ionic Coulomb blockade and anomalous mole fraction effect in the NaChBac bacterial ion channel and its charge-varied mutants
Kaufman, I.K., Fedorenko, O., Luchinsky, D., Gibby, W., Roberts, S.K., McClintock, P.V.E., Eisenberg, R.S. 11/09/2017 In: EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics. 5, 8 p.
Journal article

Calorimetric observation of single He2* excimers in a 100 mK He bath
Carter, F.W., Hertel, S.A., McClintock, P.V.E., McKinsey, D.N., Prober, D.E. 02/2017 In: Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 186, 3, p. 183-196. 14 p.
Journal article

Workshop on non-autonomous oscillatory systems and their applications in the life sciences
01/06/2018 → 30/11/2019

Conduction and selectivity between monovalent ions within the potassium channel
01/11/2017 → 30/10/2021

Microscopic dynamics of quantized vortices in turbulent superfluid in the T=0 limit
01/04/2017 → 30/09/2021

A device to detect and measure the progression of dementia by quantifying the interactions between neuronal and cardiovascular oscillations
01/05/2015 → 31/10/2018

Ionic Coulomb blockade oscillations and the physical origins of permeation, selectivity, and their mutation transformations in biological ion channels
01/04/2015 → 30/09/2018

01/01/2015 → 31/08/2019

Superfluid 3He at UltraLow Temperatures
01/07/2013 → 31/03/2018

Quasiparticle imaging and superfluid flow experiments at ultralow temperatures
01/10/2011 → 30/09/2015

Physics of non-autonomous systems in the life sciences
01/05/2011 → 31/03/2015

Transition to turbulence in spatially inhomgeneous systems
01/05/2011 → 30/09/2011

Interdiciplinary workshop on fluctuations and coherence: from superfluids to living systems
01/04/2011 → 31/03/2012

Materials World Network: Collaborative research on simple forms of Quantum Turbulence
01/10/2010 → 30/09/2014

Supersolidity of crystalline helium
01/10/2010 → 31/03/2014

Dynamics of cardiovascular ageing
01/10/2009 → 31/03/2012

FEC code for PYA7886: Dynamics of cardiovascular ageing
01/10/2009 → …

Nonlinear dynamics of selectivity, conductivity, and gating in biological ion channels
01/08/2009 → 30/06/2013

Development of turbulence in submerged jets
01/04/2009 → 28/06/2009

Synchronization and transport control in ensemble of globally coupled ratchets (Dr Uchechukwu Vincent)
30/03/2009 → 16/04/2011

Critical and surface phenomena of quantum fluids
01/10/2008 → 31/10/2012

Stochastic Webs: Fundamentals and applications
01/10/2008 → 30/09/2011

Wave Turbulence in and on quantum fluids
01/04/2008 → 31/03/2011

FP6 BRACCIA; Brain, respiration and cardiac causalities in anaesthesia
01/01/2005 → 01/09/2009

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  • Nonlinear and Biomedical Physics