Dr Robert Henderson

Honorary Researcher

Career Details

My career has spanned a diverse range of High Energy Physics areas. My PhD experiment was antineurino beam into the Gargamelle at the CERN PS. This enabled a measurement of the spacial and lorentz structure of the newly discovered weak neutral current. When I first came to Lancaster I was involved in two photon production experiments WA57 and WA69 ( which pineered the first Ring Image Cherenkov Counter). My main areas or activity were analysis of light resonances inito di rho and rho f resonances, and the study of kstars via the v0 signal. I completely rewrote the vertex finding and fitting code used by these experiments and thereby improved the reconstruction and measurement acuracy very significantly. I was then a member of the H1 experiment at DESY in Hamburg where my main responsibility was to find a way to pattern recognise and measure the tracks in the H1 forward tracker. I was also responsible for writing all the software to achieve this. I am now a member of the Atlas collaboration where I deveolped the software to find the v0 signals. I am now investigation the di JPsi signal in the Bphysics area and am a member of the DPD production team responsible for producing the data used by the physics Groups.