Professor Robert Young FHEA


Research Overview

My primary focus throughout my research has been on the nascent field of Quantum Information Processing. Currently quantum cryptography, the exploitation of the laws of quantum mechanics to guarantee secure communication, is the only commercial QIP application to exploit individual quanta. In this regard QIP is little more developed than digital communication was following the invention of Morse code. I think that QIP will change the role of information in our lives, in much the same way that digital information has.

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Selected Publications

Using quantum confinement to uniquely identify devices
Roberts, J., Bagci, I.E., Zawawi, M.A.M., Sexton, J., Hulbert, N., Noori, Y., Young, M., Woodhead, C., Missous, M., Migliorato, M.A., Roedig, U., Young, R.J. 10/11/2015 In: Scientific Reports. 5, 8 p.
Journal article

Quantum information to the home
Choi, I., Young, R., Townsend, P. 06/2011 In: New Journal of Physics. 13, 6, 13 p.
Journal article

Bell-Inequality Violation with a Triggered Photon-Pair Source
Young, R.J., Stevenson, R.M., Hudson, A.J., Nicoll, C.A., Ritchie, D.A., Shields, A.J. 23/01/2009 In: Physical review letters. 102, 3, p. -. 4 p.
Journal article

A semiconductor source of triggered entangled photon pairs
Stevenson, R.M., Young, R.J., Atkinson, P., Cooper, K., Ritchie, D.A., Shields, A.J. 12/01/2006 In: Nature. 439, 7073, p. 179-182. 4 p.
Journal article

Photoluminescence studies of individual and few GaSb/GaAs quantum rings
Young, M.P., Woodhead, C.S., Roberts, J., Noori, Y.J., Noble, M.T., Krier, A., Smakman, E.P., Koenraad, P.M., Hayne, M., Young, R.J. 1/11/2014 In: AIP Advances. 4, 11, 6 p.
Journal article

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