Dr Sarah Badman

Research Fellow & Lecturer

Research Overview

Magnetospheric and auroral dynamics in the solar system. Diagnosing the transfer of energy from the Sun to planetary environments. Use of Cassini spacecraft in situ and remote sensing data at Saturn. Interpretation and comparison of auroral emissions at ultraviolet, infrared and radio wavelengths from the outer planets.

Fellowship: Illuminating Solar-Planetary Interactions
01/03/2016 → 28/02/2021

Cassini Participating Scientist
01/04/2015 → 31/03/2018

Plasma environments in the solar system
01/04/2015 → 31/08/2018

National Astronomy Meeting 2019
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A Woman's Place?
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Icarus (Journal)
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Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics (Journal)
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RAS 2012 Research Fellowship
Fellowship awarded competitively

  • Space and Planetary Physics