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Agrait Nicolas
Forces and vibration modes in a chain of single gold atoms
Agrait PDF Agrait Video
Annett James
Theory of half-integer flux quantization in d-wave superconducting rings
Annett Video
Basko Denis
Dynamic localization in quantum dots: Analytical theory
Basko PDF  
Bayot Vincent
Quantum transport in ballistic cavities subject to a strictly parallel magnetic field
Bayot PDF  
Beenakker Carlo
Pascal distribution of voltage fluctuations out of equilibrium
Beltram Fabio
Quasi-particle ballistic transport in hybrid (and other) nanostructures
Beltram Video
Belzig Wolfgang
Phase-sensitive shot noise in an Andreev interferometer
Belzig Video
Beton Peter
Assembly and processing of organic nanostructures
Beton PDF Beton Video
Blügel Stefan
Interface Magnetism at the age of spintronics
Blugel Video
Brataas Arne
Spin-battery operated by ferromagnetic resonance
Brataas PDF Brataas Video
Briggs Andrew
Quantum computing with nanoelectronics structures
Briggs Video
Buisson Olivier
Quantum dynamics of a current biased DC-SQUID
Buisson PDF  
Bulka Bogdan
Coherent transport and electronic correlations in magnetic nano-devices
Büttiker Marcus
Chaotic dot - superconductor analogy of the Hanburry Brown Twiss effect
Buttiker Video
Chandrasekhar Venkat
Thermopower in Andreev interferometers: Supercurrents and persistent currents
Chandrasekhar PDF  
Cleri Fabrizio
Modelling the electrical conductivity at grain boundaries and surfaces
Crook Rolf
Scanned gate microscopy to investigatetransport in disordered 1D wires
Delsing Per
Coherent oscillations in a single Cooper pair box
Delsing PDF Delsing Video
Di Felice Rosa
Theoretical modelling of DNA-based nanowires
Di Felice PDF Di_Felice Video
Ensslin Klaus
Spin effects in quantum dots and quantum rings
Ensslin PDF Ensslin Video
Eschrig Mattias
Theory of half metal - superconductor heterostructures
PDF Eschrig Video
Fagas Georgios
Conductance of a molecular junction mediated by electrode surface states
Fagas Video
Faini Giancarlo
Magnetization reversal in Co/Cu/Co pillars by spin injection
Faini PDF Faini Video
Fazio Rosario
Decoherence in a Cooper pair shuttle
Fazio PDF Fazio Video
Fert Albert
Spin injection and spin transfer experiments
Fert Video
Finnis Mike
Ab initio calculations at interfaces
Finnis PDF Finnis Video
Ford Christopher
Kondo effect in an anti-dot in the quantum Hall regime
Ford PDF Ford Video
Gallagher Bryan Magneto-transport in high quality GaMnAs Gallagher Video
Geim Andre
Domain walls in the Peierls potential
Geim Video
Glazman Leonid
Transport anomalies in multi-mode Luttinger liquids
Glazman Video
Gueron Sophie
Superconductivity of carbon nanotubes
PDF Gueron Video
Hakonen Pertii
Oscillating Josephson junction
Hakonen Video
Haug Rolf
Transport through quantum rings and dots
Haug PDF  
Haviland David
Cooper pair tunnelling and Coulomb blockade
Haviland PDF Haviland Video
Hekking Frank
Measurement of coherent charge transfer in an adiabatic Cooper pair pump
Hekking PDF Hekking Video
Hettler Matthias
Transport through molecules
Hettler PDF Hettler Video
Jalabert Rodolfo
Transport through strongly correlated systems
Jalabert Video
Jefferson John
Two-electron quantum dots and scalable Qubits
Jefferson PDF  
Jungwirth Tomas
Transport properties of diluted magnetic semiconductor ferromagnets
Jungwirth PDF Jungwirth Video
Kelly Paul Materials-specific theory for spin electronics Kelly PDF Kelly Video
Kettemann Stefan
Kondo enhanced Anderson localisation
Kettemann PDF Kettemann Video
König Jurgen
Aharonov-Bohm interferometry with interacting quantum dots
Kotthaus Jörg
Coherent transport and electronic interactions in quantum dots
Kotthaus Video
Krawiec Mariusz
FFLO state in FM/SC heterostructures
Krawiec PDF  
Lerner Igor
Zero-bias anomaly in the absence of equilibrium
Lerner PDF Lerner Video
Lévy Laurent
Spectroscopy and decoherence in double-island Qubits
Levy Video
Lientschnig Gunther
Electrical measurements on phenylene-based conjugated molecules
Lientschnig PDF Lientschnig Video
Lindelof Poul
Electron spin in carbon nanotubes
Lindelof Video
Loss Daniel
Spintronics and quantum computing in nanostructures
Loss Video
MacDonald Allan
Interplay of collective and quasi-particle degrees of freedom in DMS and metallic ferromagnets
Mailly Dominique
Quantum coherence in GaAlAs lattices: Evidence for Ahronov-Bohm cage effect
Mailly PDF Mailly Video
Makhlin Yuriy
Noise and dephasing in Josephson Qubits
Makhlin Video
Marcus Charles
Spin and symmetry in mesoscopic conductance and rectification
Marcus PDF  
Martin Thierry
Noise correlation and Bell inequalities
McCann Edward Magnon-assisted transport in ferromagnetic junctions McCann Video
Mertig Ingrid
Stability and transport in nano-contacts: An ab initio description
Molenkamp Laurens
Spin injection and detection in semiconductor spintronics
Molenkamp Video
Montambaux Gilles
Mesoscopic NS rings: From persistent to Josephson current
Montambaux PDF Montambaux Video
Mooij Hans
Superconducting flux Qubits
Mooij PDF Mooij Video
Muzykantskii Boris
Quantum statistics of non-equilibrium Fermi gas
Muzykantskii Video
Nazarov Yuli
Interactions, resonant tunnelling and transmission distribution
Pannetier Bernard
Cooper pair transport in an array of Josephson nano-junctions with dice lattice
Pannetier PDF  
Peeters Francois
Manipulation of spin in DMS
Peeters PDF Peeters Video
Petrashov Victor
Electron transport in hybrid metallic nanostructures
Petrashov Video
Pichard Jean-Louis
Electron super-solid on square lattices
Raimondi Roberto
Non-linear transport and quantum interaction corrections in disordered systems
Raimondi PDF  
Richter Klaus
Spin control and spin relaxation in mesoscopic transport
Richter Video
Sassetti Maura
Spin and shot noise effects in 1D quantum dots
Sassetti Video
Savchenko Alex
Shot noise in transport via localised states
Schulthess Thomas
The electronic state of Mn impurities in III-V semiconductors
Schulthess Video
Shekhter Robert
Shuttling of single electrons and Cooper pairs
Shekhter PDF Shekhter Video
Shields Andrew
Single photon generation and detection using semiconductor quantum dots
Sivan Uri
Molecular shift registers
Sivan PDF Sivan Video
Skolnick Maurice
Optics of single self-assembled quantum dots
Sols Fernando
Entangled electron current through NS interfaces
Sols PDF  
Stokbro Kurt
Transiesta: A spice for molecular electronics
Stokbro Video
Szotek Dzidka
Half-metallic transition metal oxides
Szotek PDF Szotec Video
Takayanagi Hideaki
Ferromagnetism and superconductivity in artificial crystals
Takayanagi PDF Takayanagi Video
Tomanek David
Nanoelectronics with carbon
Tomanek Video
Urbina Cristian
Operation of a solid state Qubit circuit
Urbina PDF Urbina Video
van Ruitenbeek Jan
Atomic-size conductors: Chains of atoms and hydrogen molecules
Ruitenbeek PDF Ruitenbeek Video
van Wees Bart
Spin injection, spin transport and spin manipulation in mesoscopic systems
van Wees Video
Vandersypen Lieven
Electron spin Qubits in quantum dots
Vandersypen PDF Vandersypen Video
von Delft Jan
SU(4) Fermi liquid state in a double quantum dot system
Warburton Paul
Nano-scale 1D arrays of intrinsic Josephson junctions
Weinmann Dietmar
Spin dependent transport through magnetic domain walls in nanowires
Weinmann PDF Weinmann Video
Weis Jurgen
Kondo effect in single and electrostatically coupled quantum dot systems
Williams David
Semiconductor structures for quantum information processing
Williams PDF Williams Video
Yacoby Amir
Imaging localization in the quantum Hall regime
Zhitenev Nikolai
Conductance of gated metal-molecule-metal nano-junctions
Zhitenev PDF Zhitenev Video
Zotos Xenophon
Ballistic transport in bulk 1D electronic/magnetic systems
Zotos PDF Zotos Video

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