Dr Phillip Benachour

Senior Teaching Fellow

Research Overview

My current research interests are technology enhanced learning with particular focus on using mobile devices for context aware notifications from virtual learning environments. Situated learning and understanding the users' situation and the context in which mobile learning materials are being accessed in order to best support and develop approaches to information dissemination from vistual learning environments and mobile learning.Other research interests: identifying the potential of mobile phone cameras in teachig and learning (in particular for school children), Moodle analytics, location based activities.

Being social or social learning: A sociocultural analysis of the FutureLearn MOOC platform
Tubman, P., Oztok, M., Benachour, P. 22/07/2016

WiMAX quality of service deployment in disaster management
Mohd Sultan, J., Markarian, G., Benachour, P. 30/04/2015 In: International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security. 5, 1, p. 42-46. 5 p.
Journal article

WiMAX quality of service deployment in disaster management
Markarian, G., Mohd Sultan, J., Benachour, P. 17/11/2014 In: 2014 Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Information Technology CCIT 2014. p. 36-40. 5 p.

A study of user interaction with context aware electronic updates from a Moodle learning environment
Crane, L., Benachour, P., Coulton, P. 15/07/2013 In: Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2013 IEEE 13th International Conference on . Beijing : IEEE Computer Society p. 50-52. 3 p.

The magic door: smart interactions between students and lecturers using contactless technologies
Nandwani, A., Crane, L., Edwards, R., Benachour, P. 25/10/2012 In: mLearn 2012 Mobile and Contextual Learning Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning 2012. CEUR Workshop Proceedings p. 252-255. 4 p.

Context Aware Electronic Updates for Virtual Learning Environments
Crane, L., Awe, A., Benachour, P., Coulton, P. 4/07/2012 In: Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2012 IEEE 12th International Conference on. IEEE p. 173-175. 3 p.

Investigating user experiences with spatial and temporal context-aware applications to support mobile virtual learning environments
Benachour, P., Crane, L., Coulton, P. 6/06/2012 In: International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation. 6, 1, p. 38-51. 14 p.
Journal article

Student Experiences with Mobile Electronic Updates from a Virtual Learning Environment
Crane, L., Benachour, P., Coulton, P. 2012 In: International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning. 4, 3, 18 p.
Journal article

A user study of the spatial and temporal dimensions of context to support virtual learning environments
Crane, L., Benachour, P., Coulton, P. 18/10/2011 In: mLearn 2011 Conference Proceedings. Beijing : Beijing Normal University p. 335-342. 8 p.

Virtual learning environments for mobile learning: constrained by infrastructural and social boundaries?
Crane, L., Benachour, P., Coulton, P. 02/2011 In: ITALICS. 10, 1, p. 12-21. 10 p.
Journal article

Dissemination of learning services using RSS for m-learning
Crane, L., Benachour, P., Coulton, P. 19/03/2010 In: IADIS International Conference Mobile Learning 2010. IADIS p. 269-273. 5 p.

Development of a Motion Tracking 3D CAD Input System
Abram, T., Benachour, P., Vuong, T. 12/06/2009
Conference paper

Animation and Interactive Programming: A Practical Approach
Benachour, P., Edwards, R. 2/01/2009 In: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. 224, p. 133-140. 8 p.
Journal article

Communication, technology and society: use of research seminar topics as part of an ICT learning programme
Benachour, P., Longden, N. 29/11/2007 In: Proceedings of the Informatics Education Europe II Conference . p. 97-106. 10 p.

Developing understanding of programming principles using Flash Actionscript
Routledge, G., Aminaei Chatroudi, A., Benachour, P. 10/2007 In: ITALICS. 6, 4, p. 51-71. 21 p.
Journal article

Collaborative Coding Multiple Access Communications For Power Line Channels
Lopez Giovaneli, C., Honary, B., Farrell, P., Benachour, P. 03/2003 In: Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Power-Line Communications and Its Applications (ISPLC 2003). Kyoto, Japan : ISPLC p. 259-264. 6 p.

Direct Sum DC-free Coding Schemes for Multi-user Adder Channel.
Benachour, P., Farrell, P.G., Honary, B. 12/2001 In: Electronics Letters. 37, 25, p. 1527-1529. 3 p.
Journal article

Direct sum DC-free coding schemes for the multi-user adder channel
Benachour, P., Farrell, P., Honary, B. 09/2001 In: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Communication Theory and Applications (ISCTA 2001). Lancaster : HW Communications Limited p. 113–117. 5 p.

A Line Code Construction for the Adder Channel with Rates Higher than Time-Sharing
Benachour, P., Farrell, P., Honary, B. 2001 In: Cryptography and Coding. Berlin : Springer p. 166-175. 10 p.

Improved decoding technique for the DVD
Benachour, P., Honary, B., Markarian, G. 11/1998 In: Audio and Music Technology: The Challenge of Creative DSP (Ref. No. 1998/470), IEE Colloquium on. IEEE p. 17/1-17/5. 5 p.
Conference contribution

Trellis Decoding Techniques in an M-Choose-T Multiple Access Channel
Benachour, P., Markarian, G., Honary, B. 07/1997 In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Communications Theory and Applications. Lancaster : HW Communications Limited p. 84-85. 2 p.

Trellis decoding technique for binary-adder channel with M users and its application in LANs
Markarian, G., Honary, B., Benachour, P. 04/1997 In: IEE Proceedings - Communications. 144, 2, p. 65-69. 5 p.
Journal article

Novel decoding technique for the synchronous and quasi-synchronous multiple access adder channel
Markarian, G., Benachour, P., Honary, B. 1997 In: Cryptography and coding. Berlin : Springer p. 209-220. 12 p. ISBN: 9783540639275.

Trellis Decoding for Binary Adder Channel with 2-Users
Markarian, G., Honary, B., Benachour, P. 1997 In: Communications coding and signal processing. Taunton : Research Studies Press Ltd. p. 168-176. 9 p. ISBN: 0 86380 221 4.

Trellis decoding techniques and their performance in the adder channel for synchronous and asynchronous CCMA codes
Benachour, P., Markarian, G., Honary, B. 1997 In: Cryptography and coding. Berlin : Springer p. 23-29. 7 p.

Trellis decoding techniques for binary adder channel with M users and it’s practical application
Markarian, G., Honary, B., Benachour, P. 5/09/1996
Conference paper

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