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Mandarin Language classes


Classes are held in-person at Lancaster University and online.

Language courses are repeated three times per year, alongside each term:

  1. Michaelmas Term (October - December),
  2. Lent Term (January - March),
  3. Summer Term (April - June).

Exact schedules for each class and registration will be available a few weeks prior to the start of each new term.

Language course cost:

  • For Lancaster University students - £40 per term
  • For others - £50 per term

If you have any questions about our classes, please contact us.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for full details about our Language classes.

Terms & Conditions

Textbook and Registration Information Accordion

Course Levels

If you are unsure which level to sign-up for, please contact us. One of our teachers can recommend a level to join based on your previous experience.

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1 to 1 classes

If you are interested in a more personal session, we can also offer tailored 1:1 sessions on a more flexible basis. 1:1 classes on campus are usually £40 per hour. Classes taught off campus, or teaching to a small group may be charged differently.

For all enquiries of this type, please contact us.