Postgraduate study in arts and the social sciences

PhD in Higher Education: Research, Evaluation and Enhancement


This distinctive PhD in Higher Education: Research, Evaluation and Enhancement (by thesis and coursework) is a part-time structured PhD programme that is undertaken entirely online, over 4 years.

Tutors are internationally renowned researchers based in one of the best Education Departments in the UK. The Department has an established and excellent reputation for research in Higher Education and in Doctoral programme provision which has been running since 1995.

This is one of two doctoral programmes taught by researchers from the Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation (here@lancaster).  There are two major differences between these two programmes.  Firstly, the programme described here is wholly online and does not require you to visit Lancaster University in person.  Secondly, although the content of the two programmes is broadly similar, the online programme has a module on Evaluative Practice with a focus on Higher Education whilst the other doctoral programme has a module on the links between work and learning.

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What our students say:

Cohort 3 Participant (UK)

“Although I don't see myself pursuing change management as a research area, I engage in a lot of change management in my current job (and, given my career trajectory, I am likely to continue to do so into the future) and so from a professional development perspective the module and materials have been extremely useful in giving me a toolkit to analyse the cultural environment prior to embarking on whatever project it is I am managing/undertaking.”

Cohort 3 Participant (Trinidad and Tobago)

“I am gaining psychological income; not to mention the growth I… have experienced just from reading and commenting on the various articles and the feedback being received from my fellow classmates and the professors."

Cohort 1 Participant (Ireland)

"This process has taken me far beyond my comfort zone, has caused me to challenge a lot of what I do and why I do it.  It is making my head hurt and I love it.  My students are loving it; I have spoken to undergrads about Third Space Professionals, introduced them to the ideas of Basil Bernstein, and encouraged them to challenge the status quo more. ….[Y]our enthusiasm has rippled over them!

The process is time consuming (but it should be), at times I feel like I am aimlessly treading water (but I should feel like that), I have to read some materials again and again before its relevance becomes clearer (but it should be like that too).  I have taken…your names in vain more than once (sorry for that) but I am loving this.  Simply, I am very pleased with my progress and with the support so far from the University."