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Collaborating with our Students


Working with students can provide companies with a range of benefits whilst simultaneously helping to facilitate worthwhile learning experiences for the next generation of engineering professionals. External organisations have various options to work with students from the Engineering Department and these pages provide information on aspects of how these projects work.

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Students undertaking an engineering degree at Lancaster have a range of technical knowledge, skills and behaviours, which can help contribute to your organisation’s objectives. Often-cited benefits by our collaborators include:

  • Progressing research and development activities, including new product development
  • Harnessing young minds that are not necessarily constrained by convention
  • Solving problems that require technical, engineered solutions
  • Can be used as an extended interview for those employers considering graduate recruitment
  • Trying out new concepts or designs which may have validity but due to day-to-day business pressures, internal resourcing these projects is not necessarily viable (“bottom drawer” projects)
  • Satisfaction of knowing your input and engagement with our students is helping to inspire and develop the next generation of engineers

In-curricula projects with external organisations afford students many benefits too:

  • Apply the knowledge gained from their studies and elsewhere
  • Work on a project that is in the “real world” and not a theoretical exercise
  • Develop transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving
  • Able to talk about the experiences at interview
  • Learn more about a sector that may interest them
  • Establishing and extending professional networks

We aim to create a 'win-win' situation so that all stakeholders are able to benefit from this collaboration.

These endeavours are an important part of our students’ programmes, their success is contingent on a commitment from any external organisation to contribute to this. The most successful collaborations are where external organisations support, guide and direct students throughout the project. If you are unable to make such a commitment at this time, please wait until you are able to do so.

Whilst we have every good faith in our students’ abilities, we are not able to guarantee the success of any project that includes members of our student body. As a Department, we help prepare and guide them but ultimately some student projects can fail to meet the expectations of our collaborators. Fortunately, this is relatively low. If a project you are considering is critical to your business needs, you may want to consider whether a student project is the best choice.

The students stuck to the brief and were excellent in communicating daily progress. They asked the right questions and delved into the topic with enthusiasm and interest. The sign-up process was quick and easy. Lancaster University's communication and that of the students were exceptional, with daily reports on progress and feedback.

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Case Studies

  • Appley Bridge Biomass to Energy Ltd

    A team of Engineering students carried out a series of chemical engineering investigations for Appley Bridge Biomass to Energy Ltd to provide cost-effective options for treating effluent.

  • Kong Adventure

    Kong Adventure approached Lancaster University’s Engineering Department to help them develop the latest concept in climbing walls – illuminated routes.

  • Museum in a Box

    A team of engineering students worked with Museum in a Box Ltd to help develop a prototype of their novel learning aid, which helps museums engage and inspire children.


We have a range of project opportunities at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These vary in length, time, team-based or individual and disciplinary area. This page is intended to provide you with details on all of the available project-based opportunities. As part of submitting an expression of interest, you will be asked to select which opportunity best suits your needs.

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Here is a list of the most commonly asked-questions we receive regarding Engineering student projects. If you have a question not listed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chris Lambert.

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