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Literature, the Arts, Media and Performance

Research Activity

The newly formed LAMP (Literature, Arts, Media, and Performance) research cluster aims to bring together scholars who work on literature in relation to the arts, media, or performance as practitioners, or scholars, or both.

The group highlights media relations by spanning historical periods and media forms. For example, the department has at least seven scholars and practitioners working on literature in performance from medieval times to the present.

Their work ranges from studying ancient religious rituals and festivals (Jo Carruthers) and to staging Renaissance plays in historical settings (Alison Findlay), to writing contemporary plays and hosting competitions for new playwrights (Tajinder Singh Hayer), to writing creative-critical hybrids for theatre (Terry Eagleton; John Schad), creating original music and films (Brian Baker), and probing the ‘Theatre of Sovereignty’ (Arthur Bradley).

Our creative writers have written literature for radio, television, and film (Jenn Ashworth; Paul Farley; Tajinder Singh Hayer; Graham Mort), while our literature scholars examine how literature intersects with and has been adapted to film and television (Brian Baker; Kamilla Elliott; Lindsey Moore; Lynne Pearce; Catherine Spooner) and to fashion (Kamilla Elliott; Catherine Spooner).

Others study literature’s affiliations with the visual arts (Simon Bainbridge; Sarah Corbett; Kamilla Elliott; Keith Hanley; Tony Sharpe; Andrew Tate), while Brian Baker creates palimpsests of canonical literature and original art.

LAMP scholars engage literature and media, from studying the medieval social media of libel (Clare Egan) to creating literature for new media (Jenn Ashworth). Sally Bushell has adapted literature to videogames for pedagogical purposes, while Kamilla Elliott has investigated what is happening to literary texts on mobile software platforms.