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Environmental and Earth Sciences

Discover the major challenges facing environments globally.

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Environmental and Earth Sciences courses

  • Earth and Environmental Science

    Covering topics as diverse as geological mapping and atmospheric processes, you will explore the factors and processes that control the Earth system.

  • Environmental Science

    Our degrees will help you to understand how the environment has evolved to its current state and how it might change in the future.

Learning on location

We take full advantage of our natural surroundings to create amazing fieldwork experiences, in addition to the opportunities to travel the world with optional residential and overseas field trips. Fieldwork is a fascinating way to develop your practical skills. You'll gain hands-on experience of a wide range of environmental, ecological and geological situations that will place your studies in the context of real-world issues.

Learning on location

Equipped for achievement

If you study Environmental Science at Lancaster University, you will be housed in Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC). LEC is one of the University's largest departments. Our facilities include teaching rooms, laboratories and social spaces. Our facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories, field facilities, our own meteorological station and geographic information systems. You will become part of a leading environmental study and research community.

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Related subjects

We also offer courses in the related areas of Ecology and Conservation and Geography. Find out more about these degrees.

  • Ecology and Conservation

    You will examine the ecology and conservation of different ecosystems, where organisms exist in complex interactions with one another and their environment.

  • Geography

    Geography is a distinctive subject that links the physical and social sciences in a quest to solve environmental issues of global significance.

  • Human Geography

    Study the ways in which people interact with their environment and how they form communities, cultures and economies.

  • Physical Geography

    Learn about the processes operating within our natural environment and explore the physical world.

  • Geography as a joint-major degree

    Take Geography as a joint-major degree alongside Economics, French, German or Spanish.

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