Human Geography at Lancaster University

Human Geography Degrees


Gain first-hand experience of the ways in which people interact with their environment and how they form communities, cultures and economies. Study a diverse range of modules that are developed and taught by our world-class academics who are leading experts in human, environmental and political geography.

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Learning on location

We take full advantage of our natural surrounding to create amazing fieldwork experiences, in addition to the opportunities to travel with the world with optional residential and overseas field trips.

Your study

Our academics are leaders in their fields of research and deliver enthusiastic and engaging teaching through a range of methods.


Lectures provide an introduction to the key issues in each topic and are delivered by an expert in that particular field. They usually last either one or two hours and should be complemented by the further independent study of reading relevant literature on the topic. We provide online reading lists of suitable books and journals that are available either digitally or in print from our library.


Tutorials are usually one-hour sessions where you will be encouraged to discuss your learning with a small group of fellow students, under the guidance of an academic tutor. During these in-depth study sessions, you will learn key skills and discuss concepts related to lecture materials.

Practical classes

Many of our modules include practical sessions alongside lectures and tutorials. These are designed to help you discover the key principles underpinning the topic of study, whilst also developing your skills which you will be able to put to use throughout your degree and future career. Practical classes could range from computer-modelling sessions, through fieldwork, to the opportunity to conduct experiments in our laboratories.


The assessment process varies across modules but includes laboratory reports, essays, independent project reports, group presentations, and exams. Assessment is an on-going process, rather than being left solely until the end of the degree. This means we are able to provide feedback to you throughout your degree.

Academic support

We are a friendly department and foster a highly supportive learning environment, making sure that you are fully supported to achieve your full academic potential. This includes access to our Student Learning Developers, who offer workshops and advice on improving your academic skills, and also assigning you an Academic Tutor with whom you will meet regularly throughout your degree to discuss your academic progress.

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