Students take readings from a river on Carrock Fell

Environmental Field Course, Carrock Fell

Join your fellow students in the nearby Lake District and learn a number of important field and lab skills needed to succeed in Environmental Science.

Based at Carrock Fell, in the nearby Lake District, you will collect primary data from a disused tungsten mine and analyse and interpret this to assess the present and future impacts this will have on water quality.

During the field course, you will learn hydrological, geological and surveying skills in the field, whilst also developing your lab skills in relation to water chemistry.

Dr Yani Najman, the field course leader, says “The idea is to learn a variety of Environmental and Earth Science field techniques which encompass a number of disciplines, and to bring them together to focus on a particular research question, in this case to assess the potential level of contamination to drinking water from a disused mine.”

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Please note that the capacity of residential field courses is limited and that there may be a selection process for these modules, so you may not be guaranteed a place on all modules.