Centre for Health Inequalities Research

Our aim

The Centre for Health Inequalities Research aims to contribute to greater health equity for communities locally, nationally and internationally by producing high quality applied research to inform action to reduce avoidable upstream social and economic inequalities that drive health inequalities.

Our context

The Centre is based in the Division of Health Research at Lancaster University in North West England: a region with relatively poor health compared with the south of England and with significant inequalities in health between more and less advantaged groups and neighbourhoods. These inequalities have a long history but they have continued to widen over recent decades driven by increasing social and economic inequalities which in turn limit the control people have over their lives, helping to shape behaviours that are potentially health damaging.

How we work

To achieve its aim the Centre brings together academics from across disciplines with policy makers and practitioners from across sectors and members of the public experiencing social and economic disadvantage to:

  • Better understand the social and economic drivers of health inequalities;
  • Develop and evaluate innovative approaches to address these inequalities locally, nationally and globally; and
  • Disseminate existing and new knowledge in innovative and accessible ways to diverse audiences to inform action for greater health equity.