Man with backpack preparing to come to campus

Plan your journey and what to pack

Whether Lancaster is a short road trip or a long haul flight away, here is all the information you need to pack your suitcases and make your way to campus.

How to get to Lancaster

Plan your journey with advice on everything from trains to airport transfers.

Advice on how to get to the University campus is available on our Maps and Travel page. It includes sections on road, air, rail, bus and cycle travel. We also have a page that gives you more information on commuting to campus.

If you are travelling from overseas you can find information about immigration and how to travel between UK airports and campus including our coach shuttle service at our International webpages.

And if you simply can't wait to get here and begin enjoying life at Lancaster, maybe this virtual campus tour will help keep you going.

What to pack

Pack smart and be ready for Lancaster with our essential tips.

Are you planning to live in the University-managed accommodation? Our accommodation is fully furnished but you will need to bring some personal items. Here is a list of what’s provided, and what we recommend you bring.


What's already here

In your bedroom

All study bedrooms are furnished with carpet and curtains or blinds. They contain a bed, desk and chair, shelving, wardrobe and waste bin. Most rooms have some storage space under the bed and above the wardrobe.

In your kitchen

All communal kitchens contain fridges and freezers, but storage space is relatively limited so keep that in mind when you're doing your shopping. There’s a cooker, microwave, kettle, iron and ironing board provided, and most kitchens have a toaster. We also provide you with a vacuum cleaner, plus a dustpan, brush, mop and bucket.


What you'll need


You will need to provide your own bedding. Many of our single beds are now longer than average, at 2100mm. Make sure any fitted sheets you buy are big enough. All students are advised to use a mattress protector, as any stains would require the mattress to be replaced.


Whether you bring them with you or buy them on the day you arrive, don’t forget to have a couple of towels ready.

Cutlery, crockery and saucepans

A few pieces of cookware to enable you to cook, eat and store the food you like is all you need. You may also find that your housemates are happy to share some of the larger items such as frying pans rather than fill the kitchen with several versions of the same thing. For those keen to pack light, inexpensive kitchen items are easy to find in the city centre.


Your phone, your laptop, maybe a hair dryer or tongs, an alarm clock and tablet – the electrical items you rely on can quickly add up. So a good quality bar adapter (the long flat form of plug extension that offers a few more sockets) will be useful, but please don’t use a cube version. You should also check that any electrical items are safe and compatible with the voltage system in the UK. And don’t forget all the leads and chargers!


Lancaster can get pretty cold and wet over the autumn and winter months so you definitely want to have some warm layers and a good coat at the ready. A decent umbrella will also be a wise investment. Then think about the things you are likely to do once you get here – lectures in the day, plus your favourite sports or hobbies, nights out with your new friends – and pack what you need. Don’t go overboard and bring everything you own.

First aid supplies

Plasters and painkillers are always good to have ready. If you don’t have them packed, you can pick them up at the campus pharmacy.


You’ll need proof of funding and proof of identity for when you complete registration shortly after you arrive – visit the Registration page for details of the correct documents. You may also want to bring railcards, bank cards and money and your NHS and National Insurance numbers. If you are travelling from overseas, visit the International webpages for more details and suggestions.


A rucksack or satchel to carry your books and any electrical devices to and from class is a must-have item.


If you can’t fit them in your luggage, just pick some up in the city centre.

Laundry basket

Much more civilised than a pile of dirty clothes in the corner.

Household cleaning products

Another one you may want to buy once you get here. Washing up liquid, kitchen/bathroom surface cleaner and a cloth are your essentials.


And don’t forget your toothbrush!


What may be useful


There are lots of bike paths in Lancaster and the local area as well bike storage on campus, so if you have room to bring your bike, then you’re likely to find it useful. A second-hand bike sale takes place on campus early in the first term, and there are bike shops in the city centre. If you don’t fancy cycling, there are frequent bus services from campus.


If you have one, bring it. If not, you can make use of more than 1,500 computers available to use on campus.

Sports equipment, musical instruments etc

You may already have an idea of the sports and hobbies you want to explore while at Lancaster. Just bear in mind the limited amount of space you will have in your room to store larger items.


It’s great to bring a few things to make your new place feel familiar. But don’t feel you have to strip your bedroom of all its furnishings and bring them with you. Plant and poster sales take place on campus in the first term, so it will be easy to personalise your new space.