Learning on location

We take full advantage of our natural surroundings to create amazing fieldwork experiences, in addition to the opportunities to travel the world with residential and overseas field trips.

Fieldwork is a fascinating way to develop your practical skills. You'll gain hands-on experience of a wide range of environmental, social and economic situations that will place your studies in the context of real-world issues.

  • Brazil

    The Amazon is a fascinating place to explore the conservation and development challenges facing tropical forests. Based in the lower Rio Negro region, you will see a range of beautiful tropical wildlife and visit people's homes and agricultural plots to understand the challenges faced by local people. This is a unique opportunity to work alongside experts and understand the challenges of pursuing biodiversity conservation whilst reducing poverty.

  • Croatia

    The Istrian Peninsula, an idyllic landscape of olive groves, forests, wineries and beaches. This environment is strongly governed by its geology, biodiversity and position between differing climates. Istria is also the setting of dramatic socio-economic, political and environmental changes. During this trip, you will focus on the challenges of environmental management, particularly of water resources, in this unique landscape.

  • Spain

    We visit an area in Spain of steep environmental gradients, ranging from semi-arid conditions along the Mediterranean coast up to the tundra peaks of the Sierra Nevada. You’ll study several challenges, including sediment transport and landslide activity, and gain experience of designing, implementing and evaluating a research project that investigates a diverse range of environmental issues.

  • Switzerland

    You will select from one of six interconnected study themes to explore: alpine climate and hydrology; glacial processes; alpine rivers; streams; soils; and ecosystems. Through the collection of significant amounts of field data on your chosen theme, you will gain an understanding of a particular thematic focus of alpine environments.

  • Italy

    Visit Mount Etna, Europe's largest active volcano, and study the complex processes that take place both on the surface and beneath volcanoes. You will explore many physical volcanic processes, including lava flow emplacement, explosive events and the evolution of a basaltic volcano. You will also evaluate methods of managing volcanic hazards on densely populated active volcanoes.

  • New York

    This trip offers you the opportunity to engage critically with the geography and inequality of New York. You will take part in several activities, including visiting activist groups and learning about migration and gentrification. Throughout the trip, you will study the links between cultural, economic, political and social processes and the ways they influence life in New York City.

  • Slapton Ley

    Our week-long trip to Slapton Ley in Devon offers a unique opportunity to study a critical environmental issue, eutrophication, through fieldwork and laboratory analysis. Based at Slapton Ley Field Studies Centre, you will explore the hydrological processes which govern a coastal freshwater lake of ecological significance.