At the Conference

This page provides guidelines on what presenters can expect at the conference, including guidelines on how to prepare for the day.

Long presentations

Contributions are invited from postgraduate students who wish to present.

Each contributor will be allowed 10 minutes (plus a few minutes for questions). The best presentation will be selected by a judging panel.

The best presentation on the day will win a prize, tbc.

Presenters attending in person

The language of the conference is English

To make sure that your presentation works with the conference equipment, please do the following:

  • Save it on two different devices to help ensure we have a working copy.
  • Be sure that all the multimedia files are saved with the presentation in the same directory (e.g. sounds, films, pictures), otherwise your presentation may not work properly (remember multimedia is not allowed in the ‘Three Minute Thesis’ presentations).

We do not have breaks between presentations and switching between computers is sometimes time-consuming. For this reason, you will not be allowed to use your own computer for your presentation.

Presenters attending online

Please contact to discuss the requirements for presenting.

Three Minute Thesis presentations

Contributions are invited from postgraduate students who wish to present a Three-minute thesis presentation. Three-minute thesis presentations are NOT required to adhere to the conference theme.

The winning presentation will be selected by a panel. The winning presentation on the day will win a prize, tbc.

Please see the Three Minute Thesis page for more details on the rules, judging criteria and the national final. Note the presenters selected to take part in the national final may be required to take part in training before the final and must be available on the day of the national final (TBC).

You will not be required to submit an abstract for a Three Minute Thesis presentation but a title for the presentation will be required.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.


Delegates attending in person and online

The posters will be displayed in the Conference Breakout Area, and within an online space for the benefit of online attendees. The link to this will be shared with delegates via the conference Moodle site.

The best poster, as voted by a judging panel, will win a win a prize, tbc.

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