History Research Students' Theses

Current Students

  • ASHCROFT, Paul, 'Evolution of scientific thought and the distinction between the animate and the inanimate in Early Modern Europe' (Supervisors: Dr Stephen Pumfrey and Professor Sharon Rushton (English))
  • ASPINWALL, John, 'The Cronica Roberti Biscardi: A 12th Century history of the Norman conquest of Sicily?' (Supervisor: Dr Alex Metcalfe)
  • BENEDICT, Wills-Eve, 'Automating History: Algorithms, AI and the Future of the Past' (Supervisor: Dr Patricia Murietta-Flores)
  • BIRKETT, Steven, 'Lancashire Seaside Resorts: A Socio-Cultural Hisotry, 1974-2014' (Supervisors: Dr Christopher Donaldson and Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird)
  • BRAMWELL, Erin, 'Rethinking patent medicine culture in Britain, 1909-1949’ (Supervisor: Dr James Taylor and Professor Sally Sheard, [Liverpool])
  • BYRNE, Ruth, 'Attitudes to Migration in the 19th century: Using very large historical corpora for socio-historical research' (Supervisor: Professor Ian Gregory and Dr Andrew Hardie [Linguistics])
  • HUGHES, Lewis, ' The Victorian Matrix of Celebrity: An investigation into the power dynamics of celebrity construction through the manifestations of biography, autobiography, interviews and fandom' (Supervisors: Dr John Strachan and Dr James Taylor)
  • IGNATOVA, Polina, 'Towards a Better understanding of the Role of a Restless Corpse in Medieval English Narratives' (Supervisor: Dr Paul Hayward)
  • MASTERS, Jonathon, 'The economic and social evolution of Lancashire's coastal areas c. 1150-1550: The evidence of minor place-names' (Supervisors Dr Fiona Edmonds, Professor Ian Gregory and external supervisor Jacquie Crosby [Lancashire Archives])
  • MCHUGH, Jenny, 'To what extent did religious communities shape the nature of Anglo-Scottish relations and the formation of identity during the reigns of David II of Scotland and Edward III of England?' (Supervisors Dr Fiona Edmonds and Dr Sophie Ambler)
  • MESSENGER, Peter, 'Customary Tenure and its impact on the rural vernacular of North Cumbria, 1603-1925' (Supervisor: Professor Angus Winchester)
  • MURA, Lauren, 'The link between vegetarianism and feminism in the eighteenth and nineteenth century' (Supervisors: Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird and Dr Mark Hurst)
  • PERRY, James, 'Foreigners, Aliens and Strangers: Foreign-born Migration and Settlement in England and Wales, 1851 to 1911 (Supervisor: Professor Ian Gregory)
  • RALPH, Amanda, 'Sociability and Survivals: Short Tunes with Long Tails' (Supervisors: Professor Ian Gregory and Dr Sarah Barber)
  • SIMMONS, Adam, 'Understanding the Wider World: (Re)Introducing Nubia and Ethiopia to Europe in the Age of the Crusades'. (Supervisors: Professor Andrew Jotischky and Dr Sophie Ambler)
  • SEDDON, Matthew, 'Inter-war British political youth organisations with particular interest in the Junior Imperial League' (Supervisor: Dr James Taylor)
  • THOMPSON, Shona, 'Empathy and the Commemoration of Racial Violence' (Supervisors: Dr Patrick Hagopian and Dr Nicholas Radburn)
  • THOMPSON-BUTLER, Karen Ann, 'Embarrassing Bodies in Late Victorian Britain' (Supervisors: Dr James Taylor and Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird)
  • THORNBERRY, Joseph, 'The making of an engaged artist: The life, art and politics of Cliff Rowe, 1904-1956' (Supervisors: Professor Michael Hughes and Dr Sarah Barber)
  • WALLMAN, Adrienne, 'Beyond the Family Tree: With Particular Reference to Jewish Genealogy, How Does Family History Research Help to Change and Define Personal Identity?' (Supervisors: Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird and Dr Mark Hurst)
  • WALKER, Martin,'Habit and Habituation in Seventeenth-Century English Intellectual Thought' (Supervisor: Dr Stephen Pumfrey)
  • WOODHAM, Liz, 'A Box of Delights: A History of Walking in the English Lake District' (Supervisors Dr Christopher Donaldson and Professor Simon Bainbridge)

Recently Awarded Degrees

Awarded in 2019

  • MULLEN, Natalie, 'Negotiating the Asylum: Agency and Authority in Lancashire County Asylum, 1840-1915' (Supervisor: Dr John Welshman)
  • PAWELSKI, Matthew, ‘The Local Origins of the Industrial Revolution: The Case Study of the Derbyshire Lead Industry, 1700-1850’ (Supervisor: Professor Naomi Tadmor)
  • SIMPSON, Graham, 'Nature of Purgatory in Twelfth-Century Monastic Literature' (Supervisors: Professor Andrew Jotischky and Dr Sophie Ambler)
  • WOOD, Lynsey, ‘Pretty Maids All in a Row: The place of women int he line of Tudor and Early Jacobean Succession, 1485-1615' (Supervisor: Professor Naomi Tadmor)

Awarded in 2018

Awarded in 2017

  • ALLAN, Susan, 'Folksong In Cumbria: A Distinctive Regional Repertoire?' (Supervisors: Professor Angus Winchester and Dr Thomas Rohkramer)
  • BOOTH, Philip, 'The Holy Land Pilgrimage of Thietmar (c.1217-1218)' (Supervisor: Professor Andrew Jotischky)
  • HEGINBOTHAM, Christopher, 'Unrequited Desire: Peter Abelard and his Contemporaries. Psychoanalytic Explorations of Late Eleventh and Early Twelfth Century Writers and the Role of Fathers and Fatherhood in the High Middle Ages' (Supervisor: Professor Andrew Jotischky)
  • JOULAIN, Amelia, ‘A Corpus-Based Investigation of the Representation of Places in Nineteenth Century British Newspapers'(Supervisors: Professor Ian Gregory and Dr Andrew Hardie [Linguistics])
  • KERNER, Frances, 'Enclosure and the survival of common land in the Buckingham Chilterns c. 1600–1900' (Supervisor: Professor Angus Winchester)
  • LAMBERT, Michael, '"Troubled Families": Discourse, Policy and Intervention in the North West of England since 1939' (Supervisors: Dr John Welshman and Dr Sally Sheard [Liverpool])
  • PURDY, Martin, ‘Vision and Practice: The Westfield War Memorial Village, Lancaster, from 1918 to the Present' (Supervisor: Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird [doctoral advisor, Mrs Amanda Stretch, Curator Westfield War Memorial Village])
  • TOBYN, Graeme, 'English herbs for English bodies: The promotion of native plant remedies 1548-1659' (Supervisor: Dr Stephen Pumfrey)

Awarded in 2016

  • DEBENHAM, Jory, 'Codes and Variations in Music Composed in Terezin' (Supervisors: Professor Derek Sayer and Professor Michael Beckerman)
  • MADDOX, Kelly, 'Japanese Imperialism in the Context of Genocide' (Supervisor: Professor Aristotle Kallis)
  • ROBIN, Sarah-Ann, 'Love and the Object: The English in the 17th Century' (Supervisors: Dr Sarah Barber and Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird)
  • SAVILLE-SMITH, Katherine, 'Seeking Success: Provincial Gentry and Middling Families in Cumbria Encounter the East Indies in the Long Eighteenth Century' (Supervisors: Professor Angus Winchester and Dr James Taylor)
  • SMITH, Kirsten, 'Espionage in British Popular Culture of the 20th Century: Gender, Moral Ambiguity and the Inextricability of Fact and Fiction' (Supervisor: Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird)

Awarded in 2015

  • MEAD, Emily, 'Rulership and Authority in Early Norman Sicily Under Countess Adelaide' (Supervisor: Dr Alex Metcalfe)
  • CORNELL du HOUX, Adrian, 'Journeys to Holiness: Lay Sanctity in the Central Middle Ages, c.970- c.1120' (Supervisor: Dr Paul Hayward)
  • CORBETT, Timothy, 'The Place of my Fathers' Sepulchres: The Jewish Cemeteries in Vienna' (Supervisors: Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird and Dr Thomas Rohkramer)
  • FERDOUS, Sayeed, 'Trials of Prolonged Partition: Truncated East Bengal, Forgotten East Pakistan and the Aftermath in Bangladesh' (Supervisor: Professor Derek Sayer)
  • HOPKINSON, Thomas, 'Exploration, Scientific Observation and Encounters with the Other: Patrick Brydone's account of Sicily and Malta' (Supervisor: Dr Alex Metcalfe)
  • PULLAN, Amanda, 'British Women's Pictorial Needlework: An Examination of Seventeenth-Century Domestic and Religious Life through Four Principal Subjects' (Supervisor: Professor Naomi Tadmor)

Awarded in 2014

  • BISHOP, Nicola, 'Masculinity and Modernity: A Comparative Study of Lower-Middle-Class Clerical Identities in America and Britain between 1850 and 1940' (Supervisors: Dr James Taylor and Professor John Schad [English])
  • CUNNINGHAM, Niall, 'Religious Change in Ireland from the Great Famine to the Present: A GIS Approach' (Supervisors: Professor Ian Gregory and Professor Angus Winchester)
  • DOHERTY, James, 'The "Defence of Christendom" in Latin and vernacular writing of 12th and 13th centuries' (Supervisor: Professor Andrew Jotischky)
  • SCOTT, Alex, 'The Role of Museums and Galleries in the Urban Regeneration of Liverpool' (Supervisor: Dr Yoke-Sum Wong and Professor Derek Sayer)
  • SHARPLES, John, 'Chess (and other games) in Popular Culture' (Supervisors: Professor Jeffrey Richards and Dr Thomas Rohkramer)
  • VALNY, Tereza, 'Czechoslovakian Crisis of 1938' (Supervisor: Professor Derek Sayer)

Awarded in 2013

  • BOWEN, James, 'The Governance of Common Land in South Shropshire and the Welsh Borders from the Late Medieval to the Present' (Supervisor: Professor Angus Winchester)
  • COOK, William, 'Scandinavian Identity in Cumbria, c. 900-1250' (Supervisor: Professor Angus Winchester)
  • HAMMOND, Wilfred, 'The Political Engagement of Lancashire Catholic Gentry, 1558-80' (Supervisor: Professor Michael Mullett)
  • MARCHLEWSKI, Ann-Kathrin, 'St Cnut of Denmark, King and Martyr: His Lives, their Authors and the Politics of his Cult, c.1086-1200' (Supervisor: Dr Paul Hayward)
  • SMITH, Nigel, 'Cultural Landscape Characterisation in Upland Environments' (Supervisor: Professor Angus Winchester)
  • WILKINSON, Alexander, 'Photographic Imaginaries: History in Theory, c.1918-1980' (Supervisor: Professor Derek Sayer)

Awarded in 2012

  • DENMAN, Derek, 'Materialising Cultural Value in the English Lakes, 1735-1845: A Study of the Responses of New Landowners to Representations of Place and People' (Supervisors: Professor Angus Winchester and Dr Michael Winstanley)
  • LINCOLN, George, 'Settlement Patterns in Sicily and Calabria in the pre-Norman and Norman Periods' (Supervisor: Dr Alex Metcalfe)
  • WILKINSON, Oliver, 'Challenging Captivity: British Prisoners Of War In Germany During The First World War’ (Supervised by: Professor Stephen Constantine and Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird)

Awarded in 2011

  • GIBBS, James, 'Settler Mythologies: Citizenship, Land and Kenyan Independence' (Supervisors: Professor Stephen Constantine and Dr Deborah Sutton)
  • MORRIS, Marcus, ‘H.M. Hyndman and the Development of British Socialism: A Reputation Reassessed' (Supervisor: Dr James Taylor)
  • PLATT, Jane, 'A Sweet, Saintly, Christian Business? The Anglican Parish Magazine, 1839-1918' (Supervisors: Dr James Taylor and Dr Thomas Dixon [Queen Mary, London])
  • ROBERTS, Rachel, 'The Construction of the 'Half-Breed Indian' in American Culture from the 1890s to the 1930s' (Supervisor: Dr Tim Hickman)

Awarded in 2010

  • DELLER, William, 'Proofs of Age: Their nature and uses 1270-1440'. Ph.D.
  • EDWARDS, Ben, 'With God on Our Side: British Christian responses to the Spanish Civil War'. Ph.D.
  • MANKIN, Kenneth, 'In the Care of Godly Settlers: The NCH and child migration to Canada'. M.Phil.
  • MILLER, Wendy, 'The role of the family and the transformation of dairying, c.1870-1950'. Ph.D.
  • PURKISS, Richard, 'Anarchism in the city and province of Valencia, 1910-1936'. Ph.D.
  • RASMUSSEN, Matthew, 'Till we have built Jerusalem: Mormonism and the Making of a Lancashire Zion'. Ph.D.
  • ROSE, Sarah, 'The Honour of Pontefract, c. 1066-1485'. Ph.D.

Awarded in 2009

  • FISHER, Eleanor, 'Local Authorities and the Management of the Common Lodging House in Lancashire, 1851-1914'. Ph.D.
  • GLEDHILL, Jonathan, 'The Structure and Exercise of Lordship in South Eastern Scotland, 1094-1434'. Ph.D.
  • HUNTER, John, 'Aspects of Death in the North-West: Graveyards and Gravestones'. M.Phil.
  • LAWRENCE, Dianne, 'Material culture and the transfer of female gentility to the British Empire during the latter half of the 19th century'. Ph.D.
  • MOATT, Michelle, 'A Limpid and Abundant Spring': A re-reading of Walter Daniel's Life of Aelred Rievaulx'. Ph.D.
  • PARKER, L.R., 'Forgotten Lancashire? Rural settlements in the East Lancashire Textile District, c.1800-1914'. Ph.D.
  • SHANNON, William, 'Approvement and Improvement in Early Modern England: Enclosure in the lowland wastes of Lancashire c.1500-1700'. Ph.D.
  • VAUKINS, Simon, 'The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Motor-Cycle Races 1907 to the 1960s: Politics, Economics and National Identity'. Ph.D.
  • WORDSWORTH, R.B., 'The Church Book of Cockermouth Congregational Church, 1651-1700'. M.Phil.

Awarded in 2008

  • CRAWLEY, Roger, 'Historical Perceptions of Christopher Marlowe'. Ph.D.
  • EDWARDS, Sam, 'American war memorialisation in Europe'. Ph.D.
  • GALE, Andrew, 'Recruits and Identities: the West Country in the First World War'. Ph.D.
  • HASHIMOTO, Yorimitsu, 'The 'Yellow Peril': Anglo-Japanese Perspective, 1893-1913'. Ph.D.
  • McGLADE, Fred, 'The Creation and Development of the British Army Film and Photographic Unit in the Second World War'. Ph.D.
  • STANSFIELD, Robert, 'Politics, Governance, and the War of the Roses: The Political Elites of South-West England 1450-1500'. Ph.D.
  • VICKERS, Emma, 'Homosexuality and military authority in British Armed Forces, 1939-1945'. Ph.D.