13 August 2014
Lancaster University Law School (LULS) is an extraordinary law school unlike any other in the UK. It is a place where people from all over the world and are welcomed. It provides comfortable surroundings, and a home-like atmosphere, to which any student from any part of the world can relate.

On their first day, students are nervous and scared, but in reality, when they get to their first lecture in Law 101 – English Legal System, they excited, and that there is nothing to be worried about. The lecturers are friendly, and it feels more like they are sharing a study session with a group of friends, which is one of the best features of LULS.

This is also true of seminars (small study group with a tutor from the law school). The academic staff are always ready to assist students, to talk through complex cases and help them understand legal concepts.

The welcoming environment, friendly team and the devotion towards the students’ well-being are just a part of what the law school can offer, and the best way to understand it is to experience it yourself! LULS is a modern institution with highly accredited teaching conducted in a friendly but professional, giving a boost of motivation to students, thus increasing productivity and overall success as well as desire for learning, which, after all, is why people go to university!

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