27 February 2015
I thought I'd tell you all about the amazing, all-expenses paid (yes, free!) holiday I was selected for by the Law School to Ghana. Okay, so it wasn't exactly a holiday: I was sent as an ambassador to the new Lancaster University campus in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The University has just built a brand new, shiny campus there, and have picked Law as one of the courses that they will teach. The University is committed to becoming more internationalised, and this is one of the steps it has taken to achieve this. This is brilliant for us, the students, because it offers the opportunity to travel and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.

It was our mission to make the campus feel more a part of Lancaster University, by building relationships with the staff and prospective students, and telling them (the students, not the staff!) what to expect from the Law course. The University made sure that everyone had a lot of fun doing this: the bonding exercises 'obviously' involved things like playing volleyball on the beach, a couple of nights out, late-night swimming in the hotel pool, and a treetop canopy walk like the one on I'm a Celebrity! We also did a lot of intellectually stimulating and interesting things too. We observed a case in the Ghanaian Supreme Court, visited a former slave castle and the National Museum of Ghana, attended a lecture at the University of Ghana's Faculty of Law, participated in an inter-varsity debate, and visited children at the Centre for Abused Children.

It was hectic packing all this into a week, but it was a fantastic experience that I'm really glad the Law School provided. I'm really jealous of the second years taking part in this ambassador scheme next term, but I'm sure they'll love the experience as much as I did!

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