13 August 2014
Going into my second year at Lancaster, I feel somewhat scared and nervous to be living away from campus, and I have been reminiscing about my time living on campus in my first year.

At the start, everything was new and exciting (and confusing!). I hadn't been properly away from home before and I needed somewhere I could settle in quickly and make friends, and living on campus really helped with this.

I can't wait to be living off campus in my second year, but I would definitely recommend living on campus in first year because it's convenient, and gives a sense of community and security.

Convenience: It's all there. Lecture halls, Seminar rooms, the sports centre. All round the corner. You name it, and it's likely the campus will have it. An added bonus is that the library on campus is open 24/7. Got a 9AM lecture? You can sleep in till 8:30 and you can still make it. If ever you're ill, there are on site doctors, dentists and a pharmacist. There are shops, restaurants, and even a cinema!

Security: We have security and college porters on call 24/7. There's always someone there to make sure everybody is safe.

Community: Living on campus is indeed the best way to make friends in your first year. Moreover, the majority of people living on campus will be freshers as well, going through the same challenges as you, such as living alone for the first time.

Living on campus has been extremely beneficial to me in my first year at Lancaster and I highly recommend it!!

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