16 October 2016
Our student-run Law Society runs a series of events every year. New President, Daniel Jacklin, discusses the Law Society and their plans for this academic year.

What do we do?

The Society is there to support students that are currently studying in the Law School, or are looking at transferring to a career in Law after graduation. Our aim is to make sure that we provide the activities and opportunities needed to make sure that all of our members have an enjoyable and productive time here at Lancaster, and that they can then transition seamlessly into the career of their choice.

To this end, we organise an extremely wide range of both internal and external events; including Careers support, Competitions, Socials and more. The full breakdown of our activities can be found on our LUSU profile.

How will we grow?

This year the Society is aiming to continue to grow and expand, so as to better suit the needs of our members. To this end, we have identified three key areas to focus on over the coming months:

1) Expand the coverage of Careers events

In previous years, the Society has offered an extremely comprehensive amount of support for individuals pursuing certain career paths, but has been less present for those looking at careers in academia, and in alternative careers. The Society is therefore looking to expand our support to better provide for students looking at these careers, by growing relationships with new sponsors and affiliates, whilst also strengthening our pre-existing relationships, so as to ensure continued quality.

2) Increase national and international reputation

Last year the Law Society began sending teams to a variety of competitions, both nationally and internationally. These opportunities were both great for the students, who gained invaluable experience, but also the profile of Lancaster University Law School, and the Society. We hope to continue this year to send a variety of teams, and intend to expand both the range of competitions entered, and the level of financial and coaching support offered to team members.

3) Develop the activities covered by newer positions

The executive committee has grown over the last two years, with several new positions added, including officers devoted to managing academic support, and external competitions. These roles have been gradually developed by the previous officers, with several activities trialled and piloted to great success. One of the key aims of the Society this year then is to integrate these activities fully, and expand them beyond their trial state, into fully recognised events. Look out in particular for the various academic socials throughout the year; these are informal sessions where members can discuss any issues they might be having, and receive hints and tips from older students.

How can you join?

All membership signups are now handled through the LUSU website – if you are interested in joining/renewing your membership, simply press ‘Join this Group’ at the bottom of the page, and follow the on-screen instructions.

We look forward to seeing you at our events soon!