Lonsdale College, Red Lion close-up

Welcome to Lonsdale College

Lancaster University is one of only a handful of collegiate universities in the UK. We believe Lonsdale is the best college here at Lancaster and we aim to prove it to you.

About Lonsdale

Lonsdale is a thriving and very 'social' College, based in the south of campus. The things that make Lonsdale special are its spirit, its traditions and of course, most important of all – the students!

We offer a full programme of inter-college competitions for students to take part in. Virtually all outdoor and indoor sports are included, alongside more intellectual activities such as quizzing and debating. If you are not of a competitive nature you can get involved in college life in other ways simply sit back knowing you have the best facilities on campus.

Academically we are one of the most successful colleges on campus. Yes, study is a priority at university, and the college will do all it can to help you to develop to your maximum potential. There are undergraduate ‘kitchen reps’ who are all current Lonsdale students, who will be around to help you settle in. They have been through it all and know exactly what you are going through.

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