How the College Works

Structure and Governance

Lonsdale is run by a very simple committee structure that allows pretty much everyone who wants to be involved to get involved. The Syndicate and Management Committees decide all College policy and are made up of members of both the SCR and JCR.

Syndicate Committee

Syndicate is the governing body of the College and deals with college management, reports directly to Senate. The membership of this committee are the SCR and JCR. It meets during the Lent term annually.

Management Committee

Management makes day-to-day decisions about the running of the College It meets once in the Michaelmas and Summer term and its membership comprises:

  • The College Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • The Senior Advisor
  • One representative of the College Advisors
  • The Dean
  • The Assistant Deans
  • The College Manager
  • The Accommodation Manager
  • The JCR President, Vice President, General Secretary, one Equality, Welfare & Diversity Officer, one Social Secretary
  • Bar Steward
  • Porter

Junior Common Room (JCR)

Lonsdale JCR Exec is made up of 11 students elected by the junior members of the College. They are here to represent student views, organise socials and campaigns and provide opportunities to get involved in events and activities taking place in the College. They also work closely with College Officers to ensure students have the best experience during their time at Lancaster University. The JCR Exec meet weekly as a team. College Officers, JCR Exec, Assistant Deans and College sports teams representatives meet three times a term at College Council to discuss and make decisions about the day to day running of the College. The JCR Exec is part of the Lancaster University Students Union.

Read more about the Lonsdale College JCR.

Senior Common Room (SCR)

The SCR is made up of members of University staff who are also members of Lonsdale College. Some Senior Members have a role in managing the College and form an integral part of College life by working closely with the JCR Exec and by contributing towards the intellectual and social experience of our students. The Principal and College Officers attend Senior Management Team meetings three times a term.

Rules and discipline

The Dean, Sherry Currington, is the senior disciplinary officer of the College and investigates alleged breaches of university or college rules. The Dean is assisted by our Assistant Deans: Ryan Bartle, Kim Hudspeth and Lia Elliott. You can contact them by email:

Students are responsible for their own behaviour and that of any of their guests, who should be signed in with the College Porter. The College Dean, assisted by a team of four assistant deans who live in the College, are responsible for maintaining discipline.

Behaviour on and off campus is covered by a combination of the following rules:-

By registering with the University all students agree to abide by these rules.

Infringement of University, College or Residence Rules will result in disciplinary action. Full details may be obtained from the College Office or from the University Rules. Any student who wishes to complain about a breach of College, Residence or University Rules should do so initially to the Administrator, Porter, Assistant Deans or Dean as soon as possible after the event. All complaints are treated in the strictest confidence.

Remember that your time at University will hopefully be one in which you make many friends, enjoy a great social life and stretch yourself intellectually. It is important to remember that you are part of a community - both within the University and outside of it. Showing respect and tolerance for others is essential for everyone to enjoy University life to the full.