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Lonsdale College JCR

To contact our JCR, email lonsdalejcr@lancaster.ac.uk

President - Madison Lardner

Your JCR President is responsible for the overall running of the College and managing the rest of the JCR Exec. The President represents Lonsdale students to the Students’ Union and the University by attending Union Council meetings and the Presidents’ Committee, working closely with the Senior Common Room (SCR). The President’s main tasks involve the organisation of Welcome week and the big end of year, post-exams party ‘Extrav’ at which roughly 1000 students watch live bands, DJ’s and enjoy attractions. The president also plays a key role in the organisation of the Founders Series sporting event (against Bowland College) and oversees the social team

Vice-President - Nathan Mooney

As Lonsdale JCR Vice-President they are second in command after the President, therefore, the main body of support for the President in the running of the JCR and represent Lonsdale at a variety of meetings and committees. The Vice-President assists the President, along with the rest of the JCR and in particular works closely with the welfare and socials teams and organises specific events such as Extrav and Welcome week.

General Secretary - Dylan Taylor

The General Secretary looks after the JCR's finances, working in unison with the rest of the JCR to provide you with the best socials and all round college experience. The General Secretary is also in charge of taking minutes at JCR meetings and purchasing any resources the Exec or the college may require.

International Welfare Officer - Clara Sweetman

The International Welfare Officer is part of the Welfare team and is primarily responsible for promoting issues regarding International students and publishing the Student Union campaigns as well as assisting the rest of the team with their responsibilities and roles.

Sports Officers - Elizabeth Murphy & Max Reidy

The Sports representatives are responsible for organising the biggest intercollege event on campus, 'Founders' – a sporting competition held annually against our rivals from Bowland College! They manage relationships with our sports captains throughout the year and organise teams for the Carter Shield, which is a fun sporting competition that occurs most Sundays.

Education and Welfare Officers - Will Oliver & Asia Koltai Newton

The Welfare Officers are responsible for coordinating Student Union campaigns and acting as a liaison between students and the Students’ Union Welfare. They are responsible for addressing academic issues that the students of the college face and for ensuring all college members understand and adhere to the College’s equal opportunities policy, as well as making sure all college members are treated fairly and represented in the correct manner. The Welfare Officers are also responsible for the fair and wide representation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) individuals as well as providing help and advice for students with disabilities.

Communications and Media Officers - Kate Bracewell & Sophie Watt Pereiro

The Communications Officers are primarily responsible for maintaining the Lonsdale College social media accounts, blog and websites, they ensure everyone in the College knows of the latest events. Their job involves advertising social events, JCR and Student Union meetings/elections and general news across all platforms in order to make sure everyone is well informed.

Social Secretaries - Finn Van Breugel & Eve Potter

The Social Secretaries organise and encourages support for various events ranging from quizzes in the College bar to nightclub trips to other cities and formal events such as the Christmas Ball. The Social Secretaries works closely with all members of the JCR to ensure that events appeal to a variety of tastes.

Communities Officer - Thomas Cross

The Communities Officer is an individual who self defines within one or more Students Union Liberation forums (BME, LGBTQ+, Women+, and/or Students with Disabilities). They're responsible for the JCR's efforts towards the liberation, celebration, inclusion, and ensuring the representation of diverse Lonsdale JCR communities, the Students’ Union liberation forums, and faith groups. Along with organising and executing community events and liberation campaigns.