DSI Weds Lunchtime Talks - James Grant

Wednesday 14 April 2021, 12:30pm to 1:30pm


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All Lancaster University (non-partner) students, External Organisations, Postgraduates, Prospective International Students, Prospective Postgraduate Students, Staff


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DSI Wednesday Lunch Time Talks - 14th April, 12.30 Speaker: James Grant, Lecturer in Statistics

Title: Online Classification for Data-driven Systems Control under Partial Observability

Abstract: Real-time monitoring, decision-making, and classification systems are increasingly deployed in a largely automated fashion with minimal human intervention. Well-established systems operating on stable environments can (arguably) be left almost entirely to their own devices. However, in the presence of uncertainty or non-stationarities, some continued human involvement (i.e. manual labelling of data) is typically required to ensure the best performance. The question of when a system should seek such (costly) feedback and when it should confidently act autonomously is a non-trivial one. This talk will further define and motivate such scenarios, describe statistical methods to resolve these problems, and discuss our work towards the application of these techniques in network and systems control settings.

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