Sustainability Pledge

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Our university is committed to sustainability, which is a high priority. The Faculty of Science and Technology has its own Sustainability Advisory Committee, and each department in FST has its own Sustainability Group.

As part of its work, the Sustainability Group of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics has produced a "Sustainability Pledge", that is, a list of some suggested steps towards a sustainable future that each member of the department can make. Everyone is encouraged to sign up to the pledge and truly commit to its principles: every little drop counts!

This pledge is meant to be a short list of actions which may lead to small behavioural changes. It is phrased in such a way as to allow for flexibility in its interpretation. If you expand each pledge, you can read some testimonials of what that pledge means to some of those already committed to a sustainable living.



If you would like to get involved with the Maths & Stats Sustainability Group, please contact us.

Nadia Mazza

Professor Nadia Mazza SFHEA

Professor in Pure Mathematics

Algebra and Geometry, FST Sustainability Advisory Committee

B41, B - Floor, Fylde College