Statistical Collaborators

Researchers in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are keen to collaborate on interesting problems arising in other disciplines. Within the Statistics section in particular we have a focus on application-driven research. Cross-disciplinary collaboration complements our enthusiasm for non-academic engagement.

We are open to approaches from Lancaster University members of staff or PhD students who wish to explore statistical approaches to their research. Researchers in our department are seeking opportunities to deploy advanced statistical methodology, and inspiration for developing new methods.

If you are a PhD student or staff member of Lancaster University, please contact the Head of the Statistics Section to explore if any of our statisticians are interested in working with you. Please note that for enquiries relating to a PhD project the supervisor is expected to initiate all discussions.

Undergraduate and Master's students

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer advice for students on taught courses, whether they are at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Nor can we offer advice on undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.

What you can expect from us

We try to respond to queries within a week but may take slightly longer during busy periods. We will first try to clarify what the interesting statistical problem is. If the problem can be resolved by standard means we will try to direct you to a suitable resource (R package or webpage). If the challenge is non-standard one of us may be interested in taking it forward in a research collaboration.

What we expect from those who contact us

In all statistical studies, planning is key. If you think that your research may throw up non-standard statistical challenges we encourage you to get in touch with us early to discuss appropriate strategies.

Please include a paragraph in your request email giving details of your project so that we can match you to the most relevant statistician. This paragraph will determine whether or not anybody decides to engage with your project, so do consider it carefully. If you include an attachment (e.g. a figure or diagram) please mention it in the plain text as our email system does not always accept these.

What happened to the Statistical Advisory Service?

For many years the department offered a Statistical Advisory Service to assist with basic statistical skills. However the statistics section is particularly overloaded, especially as a result of COVID-19, and we are currently unable to resource this wider service. All collaborations will now take place during researchers’ personal research time unless external funding can be raised.

Further information

If you would like further information, please contact the Head of the Statistics Section.