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Professional Societies and Accreditation

Accreditation and membership of a professional society can significantly boost your career prospects.

Professional societies

Graduates with a single-major degree in Mathematics and Statistics are recommended to take advantage of membership of one of the following three professional societies:

Why become a member of a professional organisation?

Becoming a member of one of these societies has a significant number of benefits.

  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in mathematics and statistics and help to improve knowledge in the subject
  • Influence government policy by having a voice in debates
  • Network with other like-minded people within the field and advance your career prospects
  • Enjoy discounts on training courses and professional exams, as well as other discounts
  • Attend society-hosted events, including debates and meetings

The degrees in Statistics and in Mathematics with Statistics will grant you:

  • accreditation to Graduate Statistician status of the Royal Statistical Society, provided you achieve at least a Second Class Honours and take the appropriate options
  • an exemption from the probability and statistics exam of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, subject to satisfactory academic performance

Accredited degrees

Royal Statistical Society

The Royal Statistical Society accredits the following degrees:

  • BSc Mathematics with Statistics - for all graduates
  • MSci Mathematics with Statistics
  • MSci Mathematics with Statistics (Study Abroad)
  • BSc Statistics - for all graduates
  • MSci Statistics
  • MSci Statistics (Study Abroad)
  • BSc Mathematics
  • MSci Mathematics
  • MSci Mathematics (Study Abroad)

Graduates of the BSc Mathematics, MSci Mathematics and MSci Mathematics with Study Abroad should have taken at least four Statistics modules in Years 3-4 (totalling 60 credits). Graduates of the MSci degrees should have taken the MATH492 Statistics Dissertation in order to be accredited, although those who have taken MATH491 or MATH493 might be eligible for GradStat status on an individual basis depending on what other modules have been chosen.

Graduates of our non-accredited courses may also be eligible, again if you have Second Class Honours or higher and have taken the relevant statistics modules.

The Society also sponsors a Royal Statistical Society prize for an exceptional student or students graduating from its accredited courses.

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications is a chartered professional body for mathematicians in the UK. Accreditation means that our degrees demonstrate both a high level of competency and professionalism in the area of mathematics. All of our single honours MSci schemes meet the requirement for gaining the CMath designation which is a professional status in advanced mathematics, well recognised by employers. Our single honours BSc schemes also contribute towards gaining this designation.

All of our single-honours degree pathways in Mathematics, Statistics and Mathematics with Statistics have been accredited until 2023.