Nick Smith Prize

Sam Tickle, recipient of the Nick Smith prize

The Nick Smith Prize is awarded to the Statistics PhD students during their 18 month appraisal on the basis of their excellence in research. This award is in memory of Dr Nick Smith, a member of staff who tragically died in a climbing accident.

Previous winners are

  • 2022: Tamas Papp
  • 2021: Stan Tendijick and James Jackson
  • 2020: Szymon Urbas, Nicola Rennie and Michael O'Malley
  • 2019: Alex Fisch and Henry Moss
  • 2018: Sam Tickle (pictured above)
  • 2017: Pavel Mozgunov and Ben Norwood
  • 2014: Amy Cotterill
  • 2013: Christopher Nemeth and Tim Park
  • 2012: Karen Pye
  • 2011: Jenny Wadsworth and Dominic Magirr
  • 2010: Karen Dunn and Rebecca Killick
  • 2009: Dennis Prangle
  • 2008: Tom Fanshawe and Matt Sperrin