Statistics Colloquium: Jan Beran

Tuesday 28 May 2019, 1:30pm to 2:30pm


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On aggregation of strongly dependent network flows

Statistical analysis of networks is often based on aggregated series where aggregation is defined via routing matrices. Granger (1980) showed that aggregation of short-memory processes can imply long-range dependence. On the other hand, OD-flows (origin destination flows) often exhibit long memory. Thus, routing of OD-flows leads to cross-sectional aggregation of strongly dependent series. Asymptotically, dependence increases substantially, transforming a hyperbolic decay of autocorrelations to a slowly varying rate. This makes statistical inference highly uncertain. The situation changes, when time-dependent aggregation is applied. Suitably chosen time-dependent routing schemes can preserve a hyperbolic rate or even eliminate autocorrelations completely. This is joint work with Haiyan Liu and Sucharita Ghosh.


Jan Beran University of Konstanz

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