British Mathematical Colloquium at Lancaster

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The event saw 130 delegates come to Lancaster for four days, to hear internationally renowned speakers give plenary talks surveying their areas of research and to attend specialist workshops in a variety of topics. In total, over 50 talks were given, including speed talks by PhD students and a discussion panel on mathematics education.

The plenary lectures included talks on random matrices, graph theory, group theory, hyperbolic geometry, the role of topology in modelling the brain, quantum computing and on the recent changes to mathematics syllabuses in schools.

A public lecture entitled "Closing the Gap: the quest to understand prime numbers" was given by Dr Vicky Neale (Oxford). This was held at the Storey Institute and attended by over 70 people.

The BMC was organised by a committee from the department, led by Dr Jan Grabowski, and with support from Lancaster Conferences+.

The 2020 British Mathematical Colloquium will be held in Glasgow, as a joint meeting with the British Applied Mathematical Colloquium.

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