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The Data Science Institute supports interdisciplinary research across a wide range of disciplines and interests. Institute members are passionately engaged in a wide range of data-intensive activity, which is addressing critical societal, economic and environmental questions, as well as generating new mathematical models and methods of digital innovation.

To support the development of cross-disciplinary data intensive activity at Lancaster we are offering workshop funding for your projects. We welcome applications from colleagues with interests, which may include: the foundations of data science, environmental data science, critical data studies, design, AI and trust, data and ‘hard to reach’ groups, data and inclusion, data and justice, digital innovation, population data science, citizen science and emerging forms of data. If you are unsure your proposal fits – please do drop a line to DSI.

Your workshops should aim to bring colleagues together for exciting dialogue and exchange, you may want to invite external colleagues from other universities, industry, policy, charity or civil society. Our only stipulation is that you must demonstrate collaboration beyond a single discipline.

We look forward to reading your proposals!


Karen Broadhurst and Nigel Davies

Further Information. Proposals are sought for workshops to be held at Lancaster before the end of the academic year 2022/23. Funding of between £2000 - £5000 is available for each workshop. Funds can be requested to cover travel and subsistence costs associated with inviting UK/international speakers to the workshop, together with local costs associated with the event itself (venue, refreshments & food, etc.). We encourage workshops to invite non-LU researchers to attend and so it may be appropriate to charge external folks a nominal workshop fee to cover some of the costs, if your budget will exceed £5000.

DSI will be able to provide administrative support to help with these workshops (e.g., setting up the financial aspects, rooms and catering bookings) however the proposer(s) and a local organising committee will be ultimately responsible for organising the workshop. You will be asked to provide a short report for the DSI website of not more than 2-3 paragraphs, following the conclusion of your workshop. This may include photographic material where appropriate permissions are sought.

Proposals will be reviewed by a sub-group of DSI leadership and members, taking into account any conflicts of interest. Professor Heather Brown will lead the review process. We will aim to ensure, as far as possible, that funding is spread across the faculties of the University.

Proposal format Proposals should consist of the following:

Proposers: (inc. departmental affiliation)

Workshop focus: brief description of aims:

Proposed local organisers (inc. departmental affiliation)

List of potential invited speakers

Brief justification of funds requested

Expected outcome/benefits from the workshop

Proposals should be sent in pdf/word format to the DSI mailbox by 15th January 2023. Please keep to two sides of A4

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact DSI or Heather Brown

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