Lancaster joins UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence

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Joining the Alan Turing Institute will give Lancaster researchers the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of research topics within artificial intelligence and data science.

Lancaster has been named one of the latest members of the Alan Turing Institute, becoming one of The Turing University Network’s 65 members.

The Turing University Network offers UK universities with an interest in data science and AI the opportunity to engage and collaborate both with the Institute and its broader networks in academia, industry and the public sector. Lancaster’s engagement with the Turing Institute is led by Lancaster’s Data Science Institute, which supports cross-disciplinary research in data-driven challenges across the university.

Each member of the network plays a key role in advancing world-class research and applying it to national and global challenges, building skills for the future, and driving an informed public conversation. Lancaster joins the network this October alongside 28 other UK universities.

Lancaster University Statistics Professor, Christopher Nemeth, said: “Being part of the Turing University Network provides Lancaster with a stronger voice in shaping the future of AI and data science research in the UK. It gives us an ability to influence policies, set research agendas, and advocate for ethical and responsible AI practices, which become more significant when institutions with diverse expertise collaborate.

“This partnership fosters a sense of national unity in advancing AI and data science research. By working together with other prestigious institutions across the UK, Lancaster University, as a member of the Turing University Network, can contribute to the country's position as a global leader in AI and data science research.”

Dr Jean Innes, Chief Executive Officer of The Alan Turing Institute, added: “We’re really pleased to welcome our new members to the network. We hope that they will benefit from being part of our data science and AI group and find opportunities for new, meaningful collaborations across the data science and AI landscape.”

About the Alan Turing Institute

The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence (AI). It is named in honour of Alan Turing, a pioneer in mathematics, engineering and computing.

The Turing University Network first launched as a pilot in April 2023, with 36 universities from the Turing’s university partners and Turing Network Development Award recipients. An open call for new members was then launched in early summer 2023.

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