Lancaster University Technology Showcase

18 June 2018 11:55
The Chemistry Building at Lancaster University

Lancaster University is welcoming businesses onto campus on the 26th June and the 11th July to tour the scientific equipment and facilities they could access using the £140,000 seed funding the University has available to support their research and development activities. They are currently seeking new partnerships to work with on exciting, innovative projects, with up to £10,000 worth of support available per company.

The University has invested over £50m in the Physical Sciences area since 2012, including their newest £11.4m building cTAP, where businesses can work alongside researchers and access almost £7m worth of cutting-edge instrumentation and facilities.

Lancaster’s collaborative business support projects help organisations to grow by accelerating the research and development of new products and processes through access to scientific facilities, technology and management expertise to accelerate innovation. The University works with businesses from across the UK and overseas on a wide range of collaborative projects, from graduate internships to co-located research and development projects, and has worked with over 11,000 businesses already.

These events will provide an introduction to the facilities available in Lancaster University’s cTAP building, Chemistry, Engineering and Physics departments. Attendees will find out about the Dedicated Experimental Officers and Technology Access Consultants on campus that operate state-of-the-art equipment, allowing businesses to resource their analytical research and development requirements and accelerate product innovation. There will also be an overview of the various routes to access facilities and collaborate with Lancaster.

“Despite the great potential for innovation, many organisations face a stumbling block when it comes to resourcing research and development, particularly where specialist and expensive equipment is required,” said Mike Entwistle, Programme/Partnerships Manager. “At Lancaster, supporting economic and industrial growth is a cornerstone of our activity, from investing in state-of-the-art facilities to researching cutting-edge technologies. We listen to businesses, help them to analyse their challenges and support them in developing new opportunities. Our equipment and facilities make it possible for forward thinking businesses to realise their innovations and meet their business goals.”

Some projects, facilities and equipment are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Members of the Business Partnerships and Enterprise team will be available throughout the lunch period and afterwards for one-to-one or group meetings.

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