Snack box supports local charities

Photo of snack box and thank you letters

Over the past two years, the department's snack box has supported eleven charities, raising nearly £1,400.

Every 2-3 months, a new charity is chosen from local causes in need and suggestions by members of the department. The charities supported have included MIND (£241), Lancaster District Homeless Action (£135), St John's Hospice (£140), Morecambe Deaf Children's Charity (£110). In December 2019, the chosen charity became is Crisis' Christmas Meals for the Homeless campaign, with two meals (£56) donated already.

Kate Haywood, who organises the snack box together with George Moran, said "It's pretty easy to buy a snack when you're feeling hungry and not think any more about it. However, behind the scene is a fundraising effort to make a small profit with each and every snack to benefit a charity that someone in the department cares about. These small amounts add up and 11 charities have been delighted to receive donations for their special causes since 2017. Thanks for all the support in 2019 and we look forward to raising even more next year."

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